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As per Avixa standard - Display Image Size for 2D Content (DISCAS), A display with size Inches is ideal for your room size.

Results for front wall displays

Calculations (As per your requirements)

As per Avixa standard - Display Image Size for 2D Content (DISCAS), A display with size Inches is ideal for your room size.

Results for side wall displays

Mastering XTEN-AV's Screen Size Calculator: Your Gateway to Visual Brilliance and Seamless Performance!

We’ll get the calculations done for you. Follow these steps to utilize our calculator effectively and unveil the perfect display size for your audiovisual dreams:

Step 1: Open XTEN-AV’s Screen Size Calculator. Enter the dimensions of your room accurately to provide the calculator with the necessary information. 


Step 2: Specify the orientation of your room, considering factors like natural light and desired viewing angles.


Step 3: Choose the appropriate display purpose, whether it’s for general viewing or basic decision-making, or analytical decision-making, based on your room layout and preferences.


Step 4: Take into account the source resolution of your content, such as 4K or 8K, as it affects the level of detail and clarity.


Step 5: If you have a preferred brand, select it to explore specific display options they offer.


Step 6: Allow the calculator to analyze your inputs and calculate the optimal screen size that balances your room dimensions, orientation, source resolution, and brand preferences.


Step 7: Review the recommended display size and consider whether it aligns with your viewing preferences and the intended purpose of the setup.

By following these steps and utilizing XTEN-AV’s Screen Size Calculator, you’ll be able to determine the ideal screen size that suits your room and enhances your audiovisual experience.

XTEN-AV's Screen Size Calculator Unleashes Productivity, Amplifies Entertainment, and Redefines Success!

  • Follows DISCAS recommendations. 
  • Ensure optimal screen size for viewing distance and room dimensions.
  • Fine-tunes display placement for maximum impact.
  • Ensures appropriate.
  • The screen area and aspect ratio for enhanced visuals
  • Tailor the screen size to the purpose of display


You will need to consider a few things when selecting a screen size. This would help you in analyzing the best for your requirements. 


  • The image size you’re looking for
  • The type of screen surface required (fixed/pull-down screen)
  • Distance between projector and screen 
  • Preferred screen material (Glass/acrylic/fabric, etc)
  • Lastly, select your desired brands and a budget

To determine the optimal display there are various factors taken into consideration such as the viewing distance, resolution, and human visual acuity. There’s a specific formula that is used to calculate optimal display. You can use a diagonal screen size calculator to calculate the diagonal.


As per Avixa standard – Display Image Size for 2D Content (DISCAS), the Diagonal Size (D) of the display is calculated using:

D = sqrt(W^2 + H^2)

W = AR * Image Height

H = L/Discas Constant * Image Height


In this formula

D: Diagonal Size of Display

W: Width of Display

H: Height of Display

AR: Aspect Ratio

L: Distance of last viewing person

Yes, you can head to the XTEN-AV online screen size calculator that will guide you to select the best screen according to your inputs. However, you can also check out the same for multiple screens such as screens on the side and front walls.

All devices with screens employ an aspect ratio, which is the proportion between the height and breadth of a rectangular display. The ratio between a screen’s height and breadth is what is indicated by an aspect ratio screen size calculator rather than the size of the screen itself.

Yes, a sophisticated screen size distance calculator can take into account different viewing distances and room orientations. By allowing users to input their desired viewing distance and providing options to specify room dimensions and orientations, the screen dimensions calculator can consider these factors in its calculations to determine the optimal display size for a personalized and adaptable viewing experience.

Source resolution determines the level of detail and clarity that needs to be displayed. A higher resolution will require a larger screen to fully appreciate the finer details. Whereas lower resolutions might not be able to utilize the full potential of a large screen resulting in pixelated images.

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