XTEN-AV awarded the Most Promising AudioVisual Solutions Provider 2022 by CIOReview Asking any audiovisual design engineer to create drawings and documents for a project will reveal the actual sophistication and complexity of the manually driven processes. The personnel-in-charge must calculateContinue Reading
XTEN-AV Blog #6: Defining good user support in the AV industry: From customer retention to satisfaction “Every customer should feel like they’re involved in a one-to-one conversation with a business” The success of your product/service no longer depends on theContinue Reading
XTEN-AV Blog #5: 5 Ways to Automate Systems Design and Quoting Processes Behind every successful AV installation is a thoughtful system design devised to achieve a reliable, intuitive, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective solution to the individual needs of the venue. AVContinue Reading
SUPPORT INDIA TO PERSEVERE THROUGH THE COVID-19 CRISIS As the calamitous, second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic leaves India breathless and vulnerable, we at XTEN-AV are looking to deploy much-needed resources. The outbreak in the country is surging indomitably owingContinue Reading
XTEN-AV Blog #4: Are Automation Solutions a worthwhile Investment? When Ford took the first step towards automation with his assembly line set-up, it still involved manpower in banal & repetitive tasks with an ambition of increasing productivity. Today automation looks,Continue Reading

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