AV proposal templates

Choose from our extensive library of AV proposal templates, designed to accelerate your deal-closing process. Customize them to suit your requirements and create impressive proposals.


Free AV Proposal Templates to Never Lose A Client

XTEN-AV offers 13 dynamic AV proposal templates that help you completely automate the process of audio visual proposal making. These templates are Done For You and have pre-defined sections for the outline of your AV equipment proposal, such as AV requirements and pricing breakdown, making them absolutely ready for you to use. 

You can choose a template that resembles your desired fit. Then, fill in the necessary details, and the proposal is absolutely ready for your client. 

You can edit as well as customize our pre-defined audio visual proposal template until you find your perfect design.

These DFY AV Proposal Templates are Best for your Audio Visual Business:

Our DFY AV proposal templates have exemplary features that ensure you save time and the hustle of starting from scratch.


  • 100% Customizable Audio Visual Proposal Templates. 
  • 24×7 Access on the Go.
  • Trackable To its Core. 
  • Better Closing Rates.

These DFY AV design proposal templates are 100% customizable for design, sections, fit, and basically every aspect until you design your perfect proposal template with our audio visual proposal software.

The templates by x.doc can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. You do not need to be actually sitting in your cubicle to design the proposal. You can absolutely do it from anywhere you like with 24×7 access on the go.

Audio visual proposals on x.doc are trackable to the core. It provides users with Kanban tracking to review what stage their proposal is at. Users also get real-time notifications as soon as the client opens a proposal and also when they accept it.

x.doc, with its ready-to-use templates and extensive tracking, helps users stay on top of each and every deal.

  • Draft Section to review files you are working on. 
  • Sent Section to track files you have sent to clients. 
  • View Section to track viewers of your sent files.

Free Audio visual proposal templates by x.doc are DFY with legally binding digital signatures that allow you to sign deals. 

Easy access on any device feature ensures that (your client doesn’t need to be on a desktop to view and sign your proposal. They can do it on-the-fly on any device, be it a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop. x.doc, and the proposals work seamlessly on any device.

This allows your audio visual business to increase closing rates by a whopping 40%.

Seamless Collaboration of AV Design and Sales

The AV proposal templates, powered by x.doc, work in full compatibility with X-DRAW and X-VRSE. This allows you to incorporate diagrams and documents in your proposals to create a comprehensive, professional pitch to impress your clients.

x.doc also offers multiple methods of cost and labor calculations, allowing you to create proposals that are as congruent as possible with your client’s requirements.   

Offering a revolutionary, new way of AV sales, X-VRSE allows you to let your client visualize the AV space right at the conceptualization stage, empowering their decision-making at the beginning and saving costs. 

The x.doc suite of audio visual sales are designed to help you accelerate your deal-closing process.  

x.doc ensures seamless progress of your AV project from design to sales and ensures easy incorporation of your design documents and BOM into the proposal.

Now, you have every reason to utilize the ultimate audio visual business templates and proposal-making with an unbeatable platform by XTEN-AV!

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