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AI Powered
AV Design Platform

Unlike anything you've ever experienced

XTEN-AV is a cloud-based platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the best AI-powered design and documentation software for the AV industry

Why we do what we do

We want to empower the AV system integrators and designers to achieve 10x more, to increase productivity by 10x, 10x revenue, 10x profits, and 10x satisfaction and happiness​

The next-generation drawing and editing tool equips you with a library of half-million products with 2300 brands and lets you create your own products, and customize your drawings to unbelievable levels. Automatic cable labeling & styling, customizable device block & title block styles, uploading floor plans and editing them according to your requirements, are just the beginning.

Proposal 2.0

Proposals 2.0 helps you create impressive proposals, with minimum effort, that accelerate your deal-closing process. With the option to create & save your own templates, endless customization options, labor settings, margins and markups, and more. Create stunning proposals that stand out from the competition and help you win deals!

Drawing Automation

XTEN-AV’s state-of-the-art automation generates documents like automated block schematics, rack layouts, signal flow diagrams, etc., based on your specifications & preferences. Edit these auto-generated drawings to fit your requirement & increase productivity.

API Intergrations

XTEN-AV integrates with all top business apps giving you the power-up to maximize your efficiency. Choose from a range of integration options like Zoho CRM, Salesforce, QuickBooks, etc., and extend the functionality of your XTEN-AV account up to 10x!

Search Sense​

The AI-powered ‘Search Sense’ offers a super-personalized experience on the platform. Get customized results, as the feature learns your preferences and adapts its further searches based on your previous selections. Increase your productivity by 10x!

Project Collaboration & Tracking

XTEN-AV creates a sophisticated workplace, incorporating automation, to streamline your projects, from creation to sales. Spend less time on collaboration with features like Chatter, Reports & more. Increase speed & personalization with every project.

Award Winning AV Design Software

What our customers say!

“The XTEN-AV platform is truly groundbreaking. Never seen anything like it, the competitors don't even come anywhere close”
Jon Alessi
RICOH Europe
“XTEN-AV and X-DRAW have significantly changed how our AV department works. It’s all in one place!! Keep up the wonderful work!”
John Jones
Georgia Tech University
“I have found the AI aspect very helpful and very intuitive. I am making quotes in much less time with high levels of accuracy and flexibility."
Tim Kennard
Omega Broadcast
“I love using X-DRAW, it really does do everything I want it to do and so much more. I really try to use it every day in as many applications of AV design as I can.”
Dale Seabrook
saskpoly tech
“I have enjoyed the past years using XTEN-AV. As an early adopter, I've seen it grow to the great tool that it is today!”
Peter Muylle
Ricoh Europe
“Amazing software with a lot of shortcuts, making it easy to organize projects and track expenses and profit”
“It simplifies making drawings of AV, and the creation of the devices blocks that are not in the system is simple”
Stephen Odongo
“Lots of potential with X-DRAW, very smart and responsive. Our standard drawings are getting easier to produce and quicker to review"
Zak Zeid
“X-DRAW has been a lifesaver for multiple applications and has made drawing plans, diagrams, and cable schedules much easier. I wish I would have found it sooner!”
Landry Wilkinson
Landry's Sound Design
“X-DRAW, a saving grace!!!! Now not only we do integration in the physical work but now as a digital platform that puts every end of the design process together. Thankyou X-DRAW”
Kary Peterson
“ Absolutely perfect for me, as my diagram tool. It is a very brilliant idea with the equipment database. It saves me a lot of time. I am very happy to be a X-DRAW user”
Thomas Petersen
“The X-DRAW design tool helps a lot on completing complex AV designs and also helps to document the critical design details! Works like a charm!”
Imad Patwegar
“The value that XTEN-AV brings to our company through their software application has improved Spinitar's efficiency in many areas; Proposal creation, Bill of Materials, Design, and CAD to name a few."
Jay Rogina
“Really enjoy working on it. It is easy to use and learn. Having the library at the ready is really cool. The company is also very hands on and willing to work with you to customize and/or learn from your usage."
Bartley Hass
“I have been using XTEN-AV for over a year and have enjoyed the feature enhancements along the way. The synchronization between my Bill of Materials and design drawing makes my designing sessions super easy"
Gerald Irlinger
Video Connex
“XTEN-AV software has completely changed the way we not only do business, but the professional quality in the proposal presentation to the client. We have landed accounts due to how impressive the proposal was to the client and will continue to use this everyday, true winner!!!”
Tony Berarducci
Grise AV
“Looking to build project schematics with ease? Subscribe to the X-DRAW software. It’s the best I have used."
Antony Okottah
Audio Visual engineering limited
“I believe XTEN-AV is the most comprehensive proposal tool on the market today"
Max Maxwell
SystemMax AVL
“Love the program, now only use X-DRAW but will convince everyone to use it companywide."
Marc van Halteren
Beleef AV
“The Killer App in the AV industry.”
Craig Park
The Sextant Group

Empower your teams to do more in less

AV Designers

As a designer enhance your efficiency by completing 10x more designs

AV Sales people​

As a sales person increase the number of project wins by completing 10x more proposals

AV Installers​

As an installer manage all your drawings and cable lists on a single platform enabling 10x results

What Our Customers & Partners think about us

Adopted by innovative companies worldwide

AVIXA standards utilized in our algorithms

Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems

Projected Image System Contrast Ratio

Cable Labeling for Audiovisual Systems

Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols Standard


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  • 200+ Currencies
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