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AV design templates

Access our pre-designed collection of audiovisual room design templates to simplify your AV workflow. We automate your BOMs, audiovisual schematic diagrams, and rack drawings. You also have access to proposals created according to the BOM, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Win over clients with precision and speed. 

Automatic cable labeling & styling

The automated cable labeling and styling feature helps create intuitive av designs. Easily draw wiring diagrams, connection diagrams, & signal flow diagrams for AV cables. You can also schedule & manage cables through automation. Redefine cable management like never before!

Upload and create floor plans

Explore the smoothest floor plan creation and customization with your go-to AV drawings software. Upload Existing AutoCAD or Visio AV room floor plans or event layouts in multiple formats. Edit and customize them effortlessly to suit your needs. Augment your AV designs by 10x with X-DRAW’s intuitive features. 

AI-powered ‘Search Sense’

Experience the power of AI in AV with this amazing feature, “search sense.” It’s trained to learn and adapt to your search and selections for personalized search and ease of operation. Effortlessly explore audio visual system designs, equipment specifications, and top AV brands. Maximize efficiency with a more personalized search experience.

Library of 1.5M products from 5200 brands

Improve your AV design & drawings game with a library of 1.5 million products from 5200 leading brands. Our AV system diagram software allows you to create flawless audiovisual equipment layouts with ease. Stay ahead of the curve by bringing your vision to life with the most comprehensive resources at your fingertips.

My Library

Get your personalized, integrated product library within our audiovisual diagram software. Utilize XTEN-AV’s extensive library to curate your collection or build custom AV products from scratch. With My Library, exclusively tailored to your needs, you can take control of your AV design process like never before.

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Here’s why 12,000+ customers have migrated to X-DRAW

We help companies ditch legacy tools and upgrade them to offer an engaging experience with designs and proposals.

X-DRAW: Revolutionary AV Diagram Software

The world of audio-visual technology demands an AV diagram software that is quick, accurate, and loaded with automation tools. It is a need of every AV designer, system integrator, and AV installer to have an adaptive audio visual drawing software that completely revolutionizes their work. X-DRAW is the audio visual system design software that completes all scales of your needs, from automating AV system design layouts to creating elaborative audio visual drawings. It does it all for you with an unbeatable perfection.

Software that Re-Defines AV Design Perfection

  • Dynamic AV Drawing Tools: X-DRAW offers dynamic features that help you design your AV line schematic drawings with precision and ease. This audio visual drawing software leaves no bar for capturing your vision for AV designs in a flawless reality. 


  • Remarkable Diagramming Skills: With innovative diagramming skills, AV diagram software X-DRAW simplifies complex design into elaborative and easy-to-understand diagrams. This provides an unmatchable depth of visualizing your AV schematic diagrams, audiovisual signal flow diagrams, and AV cable diagrams. 


  • Reliable AV Documentation: This audio visual system design software saves you time and unnecessary manual labor in document creation. It completely automates significant av documents like bills of materials(BOM), business proposals, and scope of work for you in minutes. Ultimately saving you ample money and resources. 


  • Quick Layout Creation: With X-DRAW, you create ideal layout designs in minutes. So diagrams like ceiling speaking layouts, rack layouts, floor plans, or even your automated front elevation diagrams are just a matter of a few clicks with AV diagram software X-DRAW.


Time-saving Audio Visual System Design Software

Thanks to audio visual system design software X-DRAW, you no longer need to use manual tools such as pen and paper to create your audiovisual design and drawings. It offers a single, cloud-based design platform with AV-specific drawing automation, saving you valuable time and the hustle of switching between manual tools for AV drawing creation.

Cloud-Based Data Securitization of Your AV Work

X-DRAW is your company’s single source of truth, a central storehouse for sales and project design data that runs entirely over the cloud and is completely machine-automated with minimal manual inputs. It ensures easy client management and service for both current and potential clients! 

AV Drawing software X-DRAW lets you DRAW, DRAFT, SAVE, and TRACK your AV drawings! 

Whenever you need any of your creations it will always be JUST A CLICK AWAY.

Collaborative To Its Core

There is an open flow of communication at all levels and times so that you can communicate effectively with your team to achieve the desired results. X-DRAW ensures that every team player of yours is integrated with you on the project from start to finish through its interface.

Completely Cost-Effective AV Drawing Creation

It offers a one-stop solution and eliminates generic tools, which allows you to cut costs and ease the workflow to one screen, boosting your creative index. Our AV system design software is not just automation software but also offers you valuable AV design ideas, DFY templates, and ample Sales Expertise that helps you crack the deals. AV Drawing Creation Software X-DRAW ultimately saves you from spending a fortune on hiring people for such tasks & expertise! 

And the Cherry on top, new users are complemented with a 15-day free trial that is extendable to another 15 days.

Ready For AV Design Perfection?

Start your free trial today with the effortless AV diagram software X-DRAW  to dive deep into the zone of creating visionary AV designs & drawings seamlessly!

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