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A super-fast, easy, and powerful tool for all your design requirements, X-DRAW equips you with the following features to ensure stellar designs and diagrams

Automatic cable labeling & styling ​

Create intuitive designs with X-DRAW’s automatic cable labeling and styling feature; redefine cable management like never before!

Upload and create floor plans

Upload your existing floorplans in a variety of formats, edit and customize them and augment your AV designs by 10x!

AI-powered 'Search Sense'

Experience the power of AI in the search tool that learns and adapts according to your search results and selections — personalized search results that maximize efficiency!

Library of 1M+ products from 5200 brands

Leave your competition far behind with access to an extensive library with every product and brand that you may ever need. Make stunning AV drawings your reality!

'My library'

Can’t find a product of your choice? Create custom products, add and manage them in ‘My Library.’

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Adopted by innovative companies worldwide

What our customers say!

“The XTEN-AV platform is truly groundbreaking. Never seen anything like it, the competitors don't even come anywhere close”
Jon Alessi
RICOH Europe
“XTEN-AV and X-DRAW have significantly changed how our AV department works. It’s all in one place!! Keep up the wonderful work!”
John Jones
Georgia Tech University
“I have found the AI aspect very helpful and very intuitive. I am making quotes in much less time with high levels of accuracy and flexibility."
Tim Kennard
Omega Broadcast
“I love using X-DRAW, it really does do everything I want it to do and so much more. I really try to use it every day in as many applications of AV design as I can.”
Dale Seabrook
saskpoly tech
“I have enjoyed the past years using XTEN-AV. As an early adopter, I've seen it grow to the great tool that it is today!”
Peter Muylle
Ricoh Europe
“Amazing software with a lot of shortcuts, making it easy to organize projects and track expenses and profit”
“It simplifies making drawings of AV, and the creation of the devices blocks that are not in the system is simple”
Stephen Odongo
“Lots of potential with X-DRAW, very smart and responsive. Our standard drawings are getting easier to produce and quicker to review"
Zak Zeid
“X-DRAW has been a lifesaver for multiple applications and has made drawing plans, diagrams, and cable schedules much easier. I wish I would have found it sooner!”
Landry Wilkinson
Landry's Sound Design
“X-DRAW, a saving grace!!!! Now not only we do integration in the physical work but now as a digital platform that puts every end of the design process together. Thankyou X-DRAW”
Kary Peterson
“Absolutely perfect for me, as my diagram tool. It is a very brilliant idea with the equipment database. It saves me a lot of time. I am very happy to be a X-DRAW user”
Thomas Petersen
“The X-DRAW design tool helps a lot on completing complex AV designs and also helps to document the critical design details! Works like a charm!”
Imad Patwegar

The next-generation Drawing & Diagramming tool

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