XTEN-AV Blog #4: Are Automation Solutions a worthwhile Investment?

XTEN-AV Blog #4: Are Automation Solutions a worthwhile Investment?


When Ford took the first step towards automation with his assembly line set-up, it still involved manpower in banal & repetitive tasks with an ambition of increasing productivity. Today automation looks, not just to increase productivity but also, decrease human effort and error. A century later, one thing has been made clear; Automation is crucial.

A school of thought professes that abilities of the human brain should be saved for creative, analytical & managerial decisions. Technologies & software were built to employ the routine tasks of Calculations, Data Processing, Quality checks and the likes.

The acceptance of Automation for trivial, everyday tasks is a leap that commits multi-fold benefits:

  • Decreased Workforce Hours: The correct Automation solution not only reduces the man-hours put into a task but also streamlines the arrival at a set goal. An automation solution decreases the time duration for trial & error in order to arrive at the optimal utilization of all available options & resources.
  • Reduced Human Error: A majority of Data Processing & Collation errors are usually user-initiated. These can be as simple as missed datum or typos. A shift to automation works with bi-fold benefits, in eliminating these errors and saving time in rectifying them.
  • Better Data Collection & Improved Metrics: With the elimination of Human error and the regulation of data collection and processing, we are bound to be left with reliable & accurate databanks. An automation system also, leaves us with more time & energy to decide how to leverage that data to our benefits.
  • Ensures Stability & Regulation: With systems and protocols in place, errors minimized & efficiency maximized, a regulated & stabilized result to your set goal is ensured. Establishing stabilization of processes and regulation of standards with your deliverables embarks a journey to perfection both, for your organisation and your clients.
  • Improved Inspection Capabilities: Technologies have been used abundantly for Data Storage & Management. Collaboration tools & repositories enable easier access as well as more quantified perusal & checks.

All these measures in tandem with each other conceive much Greater Productivity, Optimised Utilisation of Resources, Better Product Quality and Reduced Costs. Automation answers to a protocol to streamline efficiency, within your organisation as well as for your customers.

Planning your Future

The shift towards automation is accelerating, with the onset of newer technologies and ideologies. Identifying your pain-points and appointing an appropriate automation solution to each of them seems to be the primary step.

There is a multitude of technologies available today. But these technologies are masked in a variety of software tools that don’t necessarily communicate seamlessly. Identifying technology to bridge those gaps forms the secondary step towards automation.

In contrast to the legacy methods of manual design & implementation, software technologies that seamlessly automate your projects at different stages are at your disposal. The world is evolving and window of opportunity to remain relevant is just so wide. The time has arrived for the AV world to welcome automation with open arms. Completely automated systems are visible in the immediate future, are you there yet?

With the overwhelmingly positive response from the AV community about what the platform offers to AV firms, we are on the path to engaging the industry in every aspect. 

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Sahil Dhingra
Sahil Dhingra
A software developer, business analyst & people’s manager, Sahil Dhingra has over 10 years of experience working for tech giants such as Apple, HP, and Cisco. With his deep understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle, Sahil strives to expand the horizon for SaaS-based products for AV professionals while also implementing the latest technologies such as AI, ML, VR, and Blockchain.

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