Grant Proposal: How to Write & General Tips for You (Step by Step Guide)

Grant Proposal Essentials You Must Know to Get the Funds

Grant Proposal

Are you confused like the majority on how you get started with your grant proposal? Writing requests for grants is simple if you follow the basic steps. There are a lot of things that need to be clarified about what you should include in your proposal.

We will clear up your confusion and provide everything you need to know about grant requests. 

From mastering the basic tips to include and mistakes you must avoid, this article is all about helping you write that winning proposal to grantmakers.

Key Takeaways

  • What is a grant proposal?
  • What are the types of grant document proposals?
  • How to write a grant proposal to win the deal?
  • What are the things you should consider before submitting the proposal?
  • General tips about grant document writing you must know.

What is a Grant Proposal?

Grant proposals are written to request funding from an organization that understands your vision and is willing to grant funds. 

In a proposal, you have to convince the fund providers that you can make your vision a reality. More than that, the proposal will showcase your knowledge and reasons for the project to increase your credibility for the same. 

Your perfect proposal will provide information about the vision, fund management, tasks, project timeline, and project outcome. 

Seems quite easy, right? Well, proposals are easy if made correctly. This article will explain to you the dynamics of writing a perfect proposal for grants.

What are the Different Types of Grant Proposal?

Grants can vary as per the purpose and amount requested by the Grantmaker. While the format is quite similar, you will observe some differences in the intensity of the information.

Project Grants

Project grants are written when you seek funding for a new or pre-existing program. The key factor is that the grant is only given for the stated purpose in the proposal. 

In simple words, you cannot extend the funds to other aspects of the organization. 

Suppose you get a grant for a non-profit campaign to create awareness for sustainable environmental practices. Then, the funds can only be used for this purpose rather than for other campaigns the NGO may have in place.

This suggests that project or program grants are requests raised for restricted types of funding that provide no funds for administrative expenses.

General Operating Grants

A general operating grant is a perfect grant proposal example that is unrestricted in nature. This means that such grants are flexible and provide funds for the administration as well as management of the organization along with the stated purpose. 

These operating funds provide stability to small-scale organizations that do not have the capabilities to get funds through a project grant or a program.

Recent trends have shown an increase in general operating grants to promote local community growth, ultimately serving a social cause.

You can raise requests for general grants if you have a small-scale organization.

Capital Grants

Capital grants are given to those organizations that require assistance in renovating, establishing new facilities, or buying new equipment for management and administration.

It is challenging for non-profit organizations to develop on a large scale without any grants. These organizations rely on donations and funds for day-to-day affairs. 

Capital grants help establish new organizations as well as assist in expanding the old ones. 

So, suppose you are looking to start an organization or expand it. In that case, you should probably test your chances by requesting a capital grant from a Grantmaker.

How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal?

A winning grant proposal is no special proposal but a proposal that provides clarity in every aspect. 

So, what really is required to get that grant? Well, you need to follow the correct format and keep it simple yet clear at every step. 

Here, simplicity does not mean starting with a dead tone. The tone of your proposal should be precise and engaging to the reader. You don’t have to include anything extra; you just have to focus on what needs to be there in your grant proposal.

Essential Components of a Good Grant Proposal [Template Included]

Let’s decode the ideal grant format and see what is essential to be under every heading. You will get clarity to outline your proposal with the following.


Here, you basically have to give the crux of your proposal. Not everything, but major things such as : 

  • Name of the Proposal Maker
  • Purpose of the Grant Request
  • Objectives After Getting the Grant 
  • Methods to Reach the Objectives 
  • Budget for the Purpose 

The above-mentioned are the essential elements you have to summarise at the start of your proposal. Consider this section as the grant cover letter.


Let the Grantmaker know you! 

In this section, you will write about your relevant experience and capabilities. You have to prove yourself worthy of the grant. 

If you are writing this on behalf of an organization, then you may describe the same for that organization. This section mainly focuses on answering why this grant should be given to you.


Define the purpose of seeking a grant fund. Focus on keeping the details in a generic tone for the reader to understand easily. 

Make sure the purpose aligns with the interest of the grant organization to some level. 

In this section, your focus remains on convincing the Grantmaker that the purpose is worth their grant funds.


Simply explain achievable goals you plan to fulfill for the purpose through the grant money. You need to streamline your objectives and how they reflect realistic results in due time. 

Choose objectives that ensure a logical explanation of the amount you request in the funding proposal.


As the title suggests, you will explain how you plan to achieve your goals. 

The explanation should be precise, and the reader must be able to visualize goals happening through your methods. 

Focus on explaining methods in layman’s language to make it look realistic and achievable.


One of the most critical aspects of your grant proposal is the budget. More than that, how you present it determines a lot. 

State a clear and accurate budget reasoned by the purpose, objectives, and methods you state in your proposal.

What to Consider Before Submitting the Grant Proposal?

There are some general things you have to keep in mind before submitting your proposal. You won’t believe how common it is to make mistakes and not follow essential tips in writing a proposal. 

Here are some do’s and don’ts for your grant.

General Tips for a Successful Grant Proposal

The following grant writing tips will only make your grant document better and more efficient. Ensure you abide by these tips in the whole process of writing your proposal for the grant.

Follow The Guidelines

You must follow every particular guideline the grantmaker gives to request a proposal. A reputed grantmaker firm or an organization will only shortlist your proposal if it is written as per their guidelines or requirements.

Not doing so may result in an instant rejection of your grant request.

Know The Interest of The Grantmaker

Research about the Grantmaker and their interests in serving the grant to an organization. This will help you to streamline your purpose with their interest in the grant document. 

The key is to establish a common ground between your purpose and the interests of the Grantmaker.

State A Clear Budget and Structure

Your request amount and the purpose should be relevant. Your accuracy in reasoning the budget is crucial for you to get the grant. 

Focus on following a clear structure for that; this will help the organization comprehend your grant proposal budget better.

Always Proofread Before Sending

Yes! You have no idea how many proposals are sent without proofreading. Don’t be part of that herd! 

Make sure your proposal for the grant is accurate and has no errors or grammatical mistakes. Always give it a final check before hitting that send button.

Mistakes to Avoid for an Effective Grant Proposal Planning

We know how much effort you put into writing your proposals, so make sure your proposal is free from the following mistakes.

Improper Research

Lack of proper grant research and hurry to send your proposal can backfire!

It will work in your favor if you research and understand the interests of the Grantmaker. Moreover, keep in mind that there are multiple proposals to compete with. 

Always research and state accurate goals, methods, and fund requirements that are logical with the purpose you mention.

Poor Editing

Many grant requests are rejected because of silly mistakes like punctuation and improper layout. An indefinite structure can vaguely affect your approach to convincing the grantmaker. 

It is ideal for you to set a proper structure and grammar. Also, use generic words to state your purpose in the proposal clearly.

No Convincing Tone

It is one thing to describe your purpose, but to tell it without a convincing tone may not work well in preaching your purpose to the grant donor. 

Align your purpose with the interest of the grant company so that they give importance to your proposal. Don’t leave any space that strikes doubt or confusion regarding your proposal.

DFY Grant Proposal Templates

Sample Investment

Project Management

Business Partnership

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Over To You

Now that you know every detail there is to write a convincing grant proposal, what are you waiting for? 

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FAQ's You Wanna Know

Seeking grant funds will provide you with the resources and capital that are lacking to complete a specific project or provide particular services.

You mainly write grant fund proposals for funding to continue or begin with a particular project. Grant application letters of financing are written to funding companies or organizations that will understand your vision and cause for the project. Grant funds are mainly provided by federal and non-federal entities.

The ongoing practice suggests that you should not pay above 3% of your total grant request to a grant writer. However, this can vary as per the professional experience of grant writers.

An ideal proposal written for a grant should include all the essential elements of a basic format, such as the cover letter, summary, introduction, problem statement, objectives, methodology, process evaluation, project sustainability, and project budget. Considering the format, an ideal proposal is between 3-100 pages. Generally, a proposal is 3-4 pages long, but it can differ.

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