Essential Sports Bar AV System Requirements

What are the Sports Bar AV System Requirements You Should Have?

Sports Bar AV System

Do you know the key to keeping customers in your sports bar or restaurant besides food and drinks and, of course, the LIVE GAME? It’s not that difficult. Statistics suggest that customers prefer ambiance over anything when choosing their sports bar or restaurant. And how exactly do we create ambiance? 

The right mix of audio visual solutions for a sports bar can change its entire outlook. This article explains in detail the dynamics of sports bar AV system requirements that are a must.

Key Takeaways

  • This article will provide information about the common requirements for AV system setups in a sports bar or restaurant. 
  • You will also get a trivia of easy and quick software that lets you design AV installation drawings for free and in an efficient manner.

What are the Specific Sports Bar AV System Requirements?

There are some specific sports bar AV system requirements. Let’s understand each of them and their purpose. 

  • Digital Signage for Your Sports Bar AV System
  • AV Distribution System 
  • Integrated Audio with Multiple Zones 
  • Intuitive Control System
  • Video Walls & HDTV Display System 
  • Matrix Switching

Digital Signage for Your Sports Bar AV System

Digital signage is one of the most significant AV installations for any commercial place. For your bar & restaurant AV system, digital signage will focus on displaying valuable information such as the menu, offers, timings, and all kinds of information customers are looking for in your sports bar. More than that, digital signage is also used for announcements and direction purposes in cases of emergencies or events. Gone are the days when a black noticeboard was enough outside the gateway. Digital signage for your sports bar AV system is a must to enhance customer experience and, at the same time, improve the ambiance of your restaurants or sports bars.

AV Distribution System

One of the most cost-effective methods for AV installations is to set up an AV distribution system. It can be hectic to connect every screen or video wall to a particular receiver. Audio visual distribution system allows you to connect all the screens and other AV equipment to one single receiver. These audio visual systems for restaurants are a central distribution system that can display different videos on screens through one single receiver. Think of it as a central system that is set up in one single area ( saving space) and transmits source signals through HDMI extenders.

Integrated Audio with Multiple Zones

There is no way that a sports bar is running one live game at a time. Customers, as well as fans of different sports, are coming to your bar to enjoy the LIVE ACTION. This is where integrated audio with multiple zones comes into play. These are integrated audio systems that let you hear the audio of your LIVE GAME without letting any audio of other LIVE games hinder your experience. This is how it’s possible in sports bars to watch multiple sports at a time without getting disturbed by the other LIVE SPORTS in action.

Intuitive Control System

Intuitive control systems are consoles that let you control all your sports bar AV system equipment through one gadget or remote control. This sports bar TV control system will save a lot of time for people working in your sports bar to control the systems. You have one single console to manage every device installed in your sports bar, allowing your workers to have more time to serve the customers.

Video Walls & HDTV Display System

Video walls are the perfect AV installations for your sports bar’s entrance space and interiors. HDTV displays are central screens, usually large, with high-resolution and clear images visible to all customers. They enhance the overall ambiance and aesthetic vibe of your sports bar. Video walls and HDTV displays can also be used to create brand identity or promote specific products or offerings in your restaurants or sports bars.

Matrix Switching

Audio-visual matrix switching allows multiple sources to be connected to multiple screens or displays. Through this system, the bar staff can choose which source will play on which display screen at a given time. This console doesn’t require the use of a remote and comes in handy when switching through multiple devices for various types of games on the screen. This is handy if you have a large sports bar or restaurant, as you will require multiple hostage sources for the display.

Now that you know it all, you are all set to start with your AV installations. But wait, you will need designs and drawings of the same. Don’t worry; we have just got the best AV sports bar design software for you, X-DRAW.

Why is X-DRAW the AV design software you should use for Sports Bar AV System Design?

Sports bar AV system design installation needs audio visual drawings for a successful installation. X-DRAW automates that for you in minutes; with X-DRAW, you create every design and drawing you need with ease: 

  • Audio visual sports bar room floor plan. 
  • AV room layout of your sports bar. 
  • Cable and labeling layout for your audio visual device setup.
  • Rack Layout for your AV equipment. 

Plus, this AV room design software makes it easy to plan your audio visual sports bar or restaurant setup in no time. 

You also get DFY sports bar audio visual system design templates for creating quick drawings using the best software tools. 

X-DRAW offers a 15-day free trial for its new users that is extendable to another 15 days. 

  • Saves you time 
  • Offers Cloud Storage 
  • Accessible on the go

X-DRAW is a one-stop solution, which means you no longer need to switch between third-party tools. It offers it all.

AV Design Mastery + Winning Proposals = 10x Productivity!


Now that you know about the various types of sports bar AV systems, you should opt for designs suitable for your bar or restaurant. For making designs of the layouts and bar rooms, you have X-DRAW, which automates drawings within minutes. It is advisable to consider buying audiovisual equipment only after you have designed the layout for your bar. This will help you determine the right size and specifications for the design you are looking to create.


The essential AV equipment for Sports Bar are:

  • Digital Signage for Your Sports Bar AV System
  • AV Distribution System 
  • Integrated Audio with Multiple Zones 
  • Intuitive Control System
  • Video Walls & HDTV Display System 
  • Matrix Switching

Basic audio visual installation in sports bars costs around 20k-30k, but if you are planning a complete AV setup for the bar, it will cost you in the range of 50k-100k. However, if you go for second-hand equipment and consoles, you can afford a complete AV setup for around 35k-50k.

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