As the calamitous, second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic leaves India breathless and vulnerable, we at XTEN-AV are looking to deploy much-needed resources. The outbreak in the country is surging indomitably owing to the shortage of medical supplies, overburdening of healthcare facilities, and the ever-increasing number of infections across the country.

XTEN-AV stood in solidarity, through the past year, as an aid and pillar, with the entire AV industry, our partners & employees, and the citizenry of the world. We step forward again to support those working at the frontlines to provide health, economic and social services for those affected by COVID-19.

As India starves for oxygen, we aim to contrive oxygen concentrators to ease the depravity across the country. The aid will include purchasing and shipping these oxygen concentrators to India and provide them to the needy for free. We are putting up this effort with the support of our friends in the United States and overseas; some of them who’ve come forward to help are AtlasIED, Liberty AV Solutions, THE rAVe Agency, and 4Media Solutions.

We encourage compassionate emergency assistance to save lives in India and to support the front-line workers and the people in crisis.

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“We are seeing the crisis of disproportionate magnitude in India as millions are getting infected and thousands are losing lives daily. The shortage of medical supplies and life-support equipment is only making it worse. We are sure that the governments are doing everything they can but it’s not enough and that is why we have decided to step in and do our bit. Our goal is to donate at least 50 Oxygen Concentrators to people in need. May of our friends in the industry have already contributed and we are grateful to them, we urge more people and companies to come forward and help,” said Vibhav Singh & Sahil Dhingra, Co-Founders, XTEN-AV. “Helping India breathe and fight against the COVID-19 calamity has now evolved into a duty for humanity and we commit to doing our bit to serve mankind. We believe that together we can fight to defeat this virus and build a prosperous future for everyone.”

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