X-VRSE Wins Coveted rAVe PUBS Best of InfoComm Show Award for Best Use of VR in ProAV

X-VRSE Wins Coveted rAVe PUBS Best of InfoComm Show Award for Best Use of VR in ProAV

Union City, Calif. –JUN 28TH, 2023 –XTEN-AV, a leading innovator in audiovisual design and proposals solutions, is proud to announce that it has been honored with the highly acclaimed rAVe PUBS Best of Infocomm Show award for Best Use of VR in ProAV with its groundbreaking VR solution, X-VRSE.

Infocomm, the premier tradeshow for the professional audiovisual industry, attracts top industry professionals, thought leaders, and innovators from around the globe. The rAVe[PUBS] Best of Infocomm Show award recognizes the exceptional capabilities and innovation demonstrated by X-VRSE. This fantastic software impressed the judging panel with its powerful VR capabilities. X-VRSE enables users to visualize their designs as an immersive experience and customize their spaces on an interactive platform.

X-VRSE represents a significant leap forward in AV design and sales processes followed in the industry. Powered with virtual reality, X-VRSE offers a comprehensive suite of features on an interactive platform that allows users to customize their designs, view device coverages, change products and more. The software empowers AV professionals to visualize spaces at the designing/ conceptualization stages and create comprehensive AV rooms like meeting rooms, classrooms and immersive rooms.

“We are thrilled to receive the rAVe[PUBS] Best of Infocomm Show award for Best Use of VR in ProAV,” said Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra, Co-founders of XTEN-AV. “This recognition is a testament to our team’s relentless dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the AV industry and incorporating new technologies into the software. X-VRSE is a game-changer, transforming the design and sales process for AV professionals. We are proud to have developed a solution that addresses the challenges faced by our industry and sets a new standard for excellence.”

The rAVe[PUBS] Best of Infocomm Show award showcases XTEN-AV’s commitment to delivering a world-class VR experience that introduces the industry to upcoming technology and enhances the audiovisual experience. X-VRSE’s intuitive interface, powerful capabilities, and seamless integration with existing AV systems have garnered widespread praise and recognition within the industry.

XTEN-AV extends its gratitude to the judging panel, industry partners, and customers who have supported the development and success of X-VRSE. The company remains dedicated to advancing the AV industry and looks forward to bringing more groundbreaking solutions to the market in the future.

For more information on XTEN-AV and X-VRSE, please visit  www.xtenav.com.

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