XTEN-AV at Infocomm 2023: Launch of the New VR Product, 2 outstanding Awards; AV technology and Higher Ed AV and 100+ LIVE demos at Infocomm 2023

infocomm 2023
XTEN-AV at InfoComm 2023

Union City, Calif. – JUN 26th, 2023 – XTEN-AV, the pioneer software in automation of AV design completely over the cloud, came back to Infocomm 2023 for the third time, with its new-age platform and in-built features. XTEN-AV has a history of getting innovative technology like automation using AI, cloud computing, etc, to the show in the previous years and showcasing to the AV industry how these can be incorporated into design and sales processes.

At Infocomm 2023, the XTEN-AV booth was again, brimming with demos, immersive experiences, interactions with team XTEN-AV, and a brand-new product launch and much more!

XTEN-AV launched X-VRSE at InfoComm 2023: An Immersive VR Solution to Streamline and Transform AV Design and Sales

Infocomm 2023 witnessed the launch of the revolutionary VR solution X-VRSE. An immersive and interactive platform, powered by virtual reality, that allows users to visualize and experience their AV spaces, even at the conceptualization/ design stages.

Living up to their mission of leading the industry away from legacy methods of AV system design and sales, XTEN-AV has managed to incorporate another revolutionary technology of VR into their platform.

“With X-VRSE, we want to remove the boring and tedious processes of diagramming & documentation from AV designing and introduce an entirely new way of designing spaces that is fun and interactive. We want to keep the AV industry in touch with the newer technology trends in the world and make it easier for them to adopt these,” said Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra, Founders, XTEN-AV.

“X-VRSE brings in a new way of designing and selling AV spaces that lets you experience them on an interactive platform, customize and alter as per your requirements and choose the best products for the right environment.”

X-VRSE Audio Visual Conference
XTEN-AV launched revolutionary VR platform: X-VRSE

X-VRSE, an immersive platform, powered by VR, lets users:

  1. Experience their room renders in Virtual Reality
  2. Visualize and compare device coverages
  3. Bring their own rooms and experience them in X-VRSE
  4. Get automated 2D designs corresponding to the spaces created in X-VRSE

X-VRSE leverages Virtual Reality to bring in new and fun ways of AV designing and sales. Read all about X-VRSE and its application here.

XTEN-AV awarded the Best AV Design Software by Higher Ed AV

XTEN-AV is most favored amongst the leading Higher Education institutes, across the United States and the world. Higher Ed AV is the biggest online community that brings together AV & Tech personnel in the Higher Education space. To be recognized by Higher Ed AV as the Best design software is a very important accolade for XTEN-AV.                            

The platform provided a central repository of information to an industry that works out of folders, automated drawings & documentation for teams that have been manually diagramming even till date. XTEN-AV forms a conclusive platform for AV teams to finish their AV projects, from designing to replication to documentation and collaboration, all on the same platform.

infocomm awards
XTEN-AV founders at Higher Ed AV Awards: Best AV Design Software

This award comes as great encouragement to the entire team to keep evolving XTEN-AV to streamline project flows for the Higher education institutions, by incorporating newer technologies.

Learn more about XTEN-AV here.

X-VRSE bags the Best of Show Award by AV Technology at Infocomm 2023

The Best of Show series of Awards, by AV Technology, recognize new and innovative products introduced at the show.

X-VRSE, the revolutionary VR solution by XTEN-AV, forms the basis for a brand-new method of AV design and sales. Harnessing the rich VR technology and integrating it into designing AV spaces, choosing the right products, studying device coverages, experiencing your room renders and utilizing these experiences to pitch to your clients. X-VRSE paves the way for the industry to get acquainted with VR technology, just put on their VR headsets and start creating comprehensive AV spaces that they can experience on an interactive platform.

This prestigious recognition is a proud achievement for XTEN-AV and cements the foundation of the complete revolution of AV design using VR.

The XTEN-AV booth experience: Live Demos, Immersive experiences, product launch, Interactions with the team, offers and more!

infocomm show

Booth #4260, at InfoComm 2023, saw 300+ unique visitors who witnessed the launch of the new VR solution: X-VRSE, experienced it in-person, received LIVE demos from the team and more.  With a crew of 8 people, team XTEN-AV recorded 100+ demos of the newly launched X-VRSE, X-DRAW, X-DOC and the entire XTEN-AV platform. With the addition of new features like Scaling, Change orders, Asset Management, API integrations, the upgraded XTEN-AV platform dazzled the AV industry with a comprehensive platform that takes care of everything from design & diagramming to documentation, proposal generation, information reposition, collaboration and more, works over the cloud and offers a secure framework for all projects.

Visitors got to experience X-VRSE first-hand, explore the different rooms: Meeting room, Classroom, Immersive room, available in X-VRSE, visualize device coverages, alter room aesthetics and explore every single functionality that X-VRSE offers, to your design and sales process.

“The kind of appreciation that X-VRSE received at Infocomm ‘23 was unreal! We knew we had stepped into the big guns with virtual reality and wanted to create an all-rounder potential impact on the existing methods followed for design and sales in the industry.

The reception that X-VRSE received right at its launch at Infocomm was a sign that we’re on the right track,” claimed Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra, Founders, XTEN-AV. “Virtual Reality is the next big thing, and we aim to bring it in for the utilize and reduce their design as well as sales turn-around times.”

Watch a quick video of everything that happened at Infocomm 2023.

For more information on XTEN-AV, please visit www.xtenav.com. Keep up with the latest news from XTEN-AV on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.


XTEN-AV’s cloud-based platform ascertains the needs of the project, recommends the best products, and creates automated wiring diagrams, bill of materials, and end-customer proposals within minutes, thereby increasing productivity tenfold. The built-in CRM and analytical dashboard help users to be on top of their projects and accounts. XTEN-AV strives to enable integrators and designers to move away from the legacy methods of project design. For more information, please visit www.xtenav.com.

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