What is AV integration? – Advantage of Using XTEN-AV for your AV Integration and Design Purposes

What is AV Integration?

Advantage of Using XTEN-AV for Your AV Integration and Design Purposes.

av integration

AV integration is a combination of audio and visual technologies to create an ecosystem that enhances the user experience. We believe it is essential for organizations to invest in this technology to make their experience better.


Simply to improve the audio and visual experience of the users opt for AV technology. An AV integrator will make sure to combine your microphones, projectors, speakers, displays, control panels, and much more into one for a hassle-free experience.


The best part is you always get a customized solution. They are done uniquely for all spaces keeping in mind the room size and other features of the room. Hope you got a better idea of what Audio-Visual integration is, if not read on to learn and understand more.  

Need for AV Integration

Now definitely a question arises: do you need to invest in AV integration? Due to covid, many companies have opted for permanent WFH, which makes it difficult for them to connect with employees all over the world. However, businesses will continue to thrive, and tools like videoconferences, pre-recorded movies, voice calls, and more may make this possible even when participants are not present in the same space.


For instance, as more significant businesses locate their corporate headquarters around the globe, videoconferencing is becoming more and more popular and necessary. High-definition monitors, powerful cameras, data-sharing devices, and multi-person audio calls are just a few of the products that help make the conference as efficient and successful as possible when executives need to communicate with one another. This ensures that the entire meeting stays productive and efficient.

Advantage Of Integrating XTEN-AV Into Your Design & Integration Process

To optimally enjoy the benefits of AV systems integration you should consider working with audio visual integration companies. They will analyze your business’s needs and design optimized solutions. Here are the benefits of integrating with XTEN-AV.


XTEN-AV houses an easy-to-use drawing and editing tool for AV designers and integrators alike, X-DRAW is a comprehensive design and diagramming tool with next-level AV capabilities. Created extensively with the AV industry in mind, X-DRAW offers a range of features that help users create stunning designs that adhere to AVIXA standards and guidelines. Here’s a bit more on what you get with X-DRAW. 

  • AV Design Templates: Explore our pre-designed templates that are 100% customizable and get ready BOM, drawings, and proposals. Choose from a variety of design templates, created by AV experts, and make impressive AV designs.
  • Automatic cable labeling and styling: We understand designing can be quite hectic, and hence we made it simple! Explore extensive automatic cable labeling and styling options offered by X-DRAW and create detailed AV drawings, like never before.  
  • Upload and create floor plans: Have you already worked hard on creating a floor plan? With X-DRAW you can upload your existing floor plans and customize them or create new ones from scratch. Augment your AV designs with X-DRAW. Learn more about Floor plans here.


  • AI-powered search sense: A pioneer in innovation, XTEN-AV features the AI-powered Search Sense that learns from your search results and selections. Experience personalized searches that showcase your preferred products and brands – 10x your efficiency!

Drawing Automation

XTEN-AV is the only platform in the AV industry with a utility patent for its Drawing Automation. The platform equips the user to auto-generate AV drawings and documents. Customize and curate your AV drawings & documents to match your project requirements. Following are the 9 AV documents that can be automated on the XTEN-AV platform: 

  • Line Schematics
  • Signal Flow Diagrams
  • Cable Schedule
  • Rack Layouts
  • Ceiling Speaker Layout
  • Bill of Materials
  • Scope of Work Document
  • Floor Plan
  • Proposals


We help you create winning proposals and increase the efficiency of your sales process by 10x. Here’s our secret to creating winning proposals for you: The TAPAAS framework, we’re sure you’ve never heard of that before. Visit here if you’re interested in learning more about it! Modeled on the TAAPAS framework, x.doc offers a variety of features that produce proposals destined to win: 

  • Legally binding signatures: Digitally binding signatures are available through x.doc, allowing your client to approve projects with only a few clicks. The document may be signed online by accessing it on any device available. We make sure that the signatures are legally enforceable with your security in mind.
  • Enjoy 100+ proposal templates: Work efficiently with our pre-made, ready-to-use templates that ensure that you don’t spend much time creating proposals and focus on things that need your undivided attention. Created by AV experts, the templates ensure the best presentation of your project to impress your clients.
  • Efficient document tracking: x.doc offers a Kanban tracking system to track the progress and status of your proposals. Tracking is supported with real-time notifications of when your client views the process. x.doc ensures that you’re on the top of your deals.
  • Easy access on the go: Anyone can access them from any device and any location. Our software is capable of working on any device. This gives you the ease to get your proposal accepted within minutes.
  • Industry-best styling and editing features: Without wasting time gathering components from different sources and then integrating them, you’ll have access to the greatest styling and editing features to create an appealing proposal. Add elements, shapes, images, and signatures, and create beautiful proposals that close deals.
  • Multiple methods of cost & labor calculations: Whether you work with margins or mark-ups, or any specification in your cost & labor calculation, x.doc supports it all. We offer multiple automated ways for you to calculate and present accurate & error-free information in your proposal. 

Library of 1.5M Products From 5200+ Brands

With an extensive library of 1.5M products from over 5200 brands what’s stopping you from curating the best AV projects! With access to an expansive library of products and brands, you can create comprehensive designs that are bound to impress your clients.

Wait! Couldn’t find a product you needed? XTEN-AV has a solution for you: My Library. Copy products from the XTEN-AV library to create your ‘My Library’ or create your own custom products and manage their pricing et al. All within your “My Library’. Here’s a guide on how to add products to My Library.

Integrating With Your Favorite Tools

XTEN-AV’s extensive integration capabilities empowers AV professionals to seamlessly collaborate and manage projects with many popular apps:

  • Salesforce: XTEN-AV enables AV integrators to centralize customer relationship management (CRM) data, track leads, and manage sales pipelines effectively. This integration streamlines communication and ensures a unified approach to customer interactions, resulting in improved sales efficiency.
  • Hubspot: With this integration, AV professionals can leverage Hubspot’s robust marketing automation and lead nurturing features, while seamlessly syncing customer data between platforms. This enhances lead generation, conversion rates, and overall marketing effectiveness.
  • Quickbooks: By syncing project data, invoices, and expenses between the two platforms, this integration streamlines accounting processes, improves accuracy, and ensures better financial visibility, ultimately leading to smoother operations and improved profitability.
  • Q360: An amazing business management software that offers end-to-end project management capabilities. This integration enables seamless data flow between XTEN-AV and Q360, enhancing collaboration, project tracking, resource allocation, and overall operational efficiency.
  • ZOHO CRM: AV integrators can leverage ZOHO CRM’s robust features for lead management, customer engagement, and sales tracking while syncing data seamlessly with XTEN-AV. This integration ensures a streamlined workflow and provides a holistic view of customer interactions.
  • Dynamic 360: This project management software, allows AV professionals to streamline their workflows and efficiently manage tasks, schedules, and resources. By syncing data between XTEN-AV and Dynamic 360, teams can collaborate effectively, track project progress, and ensure the timely completion of projects.
  • Monday.com: By integrating with this versatile platform, AV professionals can centralize project information, collaborate in real-time, assign tasks, track progress, and enhance overall team productivity. This integration ensures smooth communication, transparent workflows, and effective project execution. 

Easy collaboration

Businesses have created a more interactive and engaging environment with the help of XTEN-AV’s collaboration feature. It’s always better to have things automated instead of doing them manually right? This feature does exactly that. 

Here’s what you get with our collaboration feature:

  • Communicate better by assigning roles and targets, and also track real-time progress.
  • Seamless access sharing and tracking for any project or design. 
  • Chatter, real-time chat to share comments and approvals while tagging your teammates.
  • Generate reports in your desired format and even schedule the frequency of sharing.

Low Operation Cost

XTEN-AV offers a wide range of free AV tools that AV integrators can use directly without even signing up, what better way to save on cost right? One of our most popular tools, the ceiling speaker layout calculator has proven to be a big help for many integrators.

Apart from being free, these tools are super easy to use, anyone with just basic knowledge of AV can use them and become a pro integrator instantly. That’s the best projection of what low operation costs should look like, it’s literally free. So, head to our website now and explore all our free tools today. 

Better Communication

As we all have heard, communication is the key, and so it is an important factor to consider for a company’s growth and success. Employing XTEN-AV in your business ensures you have better communication with your employees. Here’s what makes us better in communication. 

  • Chatter

We have a feature called “chatter” that allows you to comment on shared projects while also allowing you to tag your teammates. You can seamlessly collaborate with your team that you have added to your project enabling you to have better communication. Check out more on what Chatter is and how it works.

  • Design & Project sharing

Our project-sharing feature is also something that can help your organization design and share projects with your team or any member making your communication easier. 

The sharing process is quite simple. Head to your project section, there you will be able to see an “ACTION TAB” on your right. If you look at the bottom you’ll see an option to share with co-workers, click on that then select whom to share and you’re done! 

Start Your 15-day free trial now and improve your work efficiency by 10X. If you enjoyed your free trial check out the XTEN-AV pricing here and choose what suits you best.

What Fields Does AV Integration Have?

You could be confused as to which sectors need AV technology. So, we have put together a list of the top sectors for AV integration for you.

1. Commercial AV Solutions

As it is an industry that holds a lot of opportunities for conferences, meetings, and training it becomes important for them to invest in Commercial AV integration that is tailored to their needs.

2. Art & Music AV integration

In order to keep their audience entertained, the art and music industries rely on audio and visual forms. To create a smooth experience for their clients, AV solution providers and systems integrators mix audio and visual technologies with current trends. 

3. AV Solutions For Education Sector

Given that visuals are an excellent way for both children and adults to learn, AV integration is becoming more and more common in the education sector.

Explore How XTEN-AV helps Davidson College in streamlining its AV Design Automation with its AV-specific design and proposal tool. 

4. AV System For the Control Room

Control rooms rely on AV big time. This keeps them ensured that the system is working fast because control rooms are very focused on time as they have to distribute any kind of information within a span of seconds through sources like video walls

How to find the right AV integration solution to suit your Requirements?

Selecting the best can be overwhelming for most people because you might not be aware of the technical things that an integrator does. So, how should you choose the best one? Don’t worry we have a checklist for you, refer to this before onboarding an AV integration company. 

  • Choose someone who knows it all: The basic step is you need to make sure that you analyze the top av integrators first. Then after careful analysis try to figure out who has the most knowledge. Getting in touch with integrators who are working on XTEN-AV software can get you a great deal. 
  • Check the supplier network: Most companies offer a wide range of products and hence have many suppliers. All you have to do is compare their prices and select what best suits you. 
  • Don’t opt for an inexpensive option: However, you might think it is a smart decision to make but when it comes to AV integrations we suggest that you keep this thing out of your checklist. Keep in mind it could also mean that they are offering low-quality services. 
  • Ask if you get tailored services: Major step is to understand if the provider you are selecting can provide you with tailored services or not. Because when it comes to AV integrations, Customization is the key element.
  • Check out their portfolio of previous work: It’s always a great option to first see the work and then take their services, results speak louder than words, right? Seeing what their previous clients have to say will also give you an idea about the quality of service offered to you.


Now we hope you have a clear view of AV integration and what the best integrators will offer you. Make sure to do your research before hiring professionals, don’t worry this blog is an overall guide so you can read and understand what skills an AV integrator should have to and provide you with the most updated technology.  You can also contact XTEN-AV for AV integration; we do provide software that creates designs 100% tailored to your needs and help boost your efficiency by 10X.

Frequently Asked Questions

Av integration is a simple process of combining your audio, visuals, and lighting into one to make your work efficient and easy. Here you will be able to access everything in one place instead of using multiple software. Get in touch with a professional at XTEN-AV to guide and customize your audiovisual systems.

XTEN-AV has designed an easy-to-use software that you can get customized according to your needs or we could do it for you. Explore X-Draw for all your AV integration needs.

There is no fixed cost but mostly the integration starts from 1000$ and can go up to any amount depending on where you are wanting to integrate it. Usually, conference rooms are costlier to integrate.

The most common issues you’ll face if you don’t hire the right AV integrator are:

  • Poor sound quality 
  • Incompatible screen
  • Poor visual quality
  • Bad quality speakers

These are a few problems you might face.

Their major role is to install AV according to your needs. Integrators also use state-of-the-art technology to keep ahead of trends, so your business doesn’t feel obsolete. Majorly their work includes installations, service, and maintenance.

Vibhav Singh
Vibhav Singh
Vibhav has been in the Professional AV business for over a decade and has worked for leading global manufacturers such as Harman, Biamp and Music Tribe. After spending years in the industry and witnessing a minimal role of software in a hardware- dominated industry, Vibhav seeded the idea of a software platform that would reduce manual effort and exponentially increase productivity by utilizing the latest technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Having worked in multinational and multidimensional environments Vibhav has an all-round experience in Management, Technology and Sales. Vibhav holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and also a CTS certification from AVIXA. He is an avid traveler, a fitness enthusiast and our resident audiophile.

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