Case Study : XTEN-AV helps Davidson College to streamline AV design automation, project management, inventory tracking and student learning

Richard Dechter from Davidson College manages more than 88 classrooms and has been really happy with the switch to the XTEN-AV design and documentation platform. Further, we explain how XTEN-AV solved some of the critical challenges that Richard and his team were facing.​

challenges faced by the davidson team


No as-builts for existing rooms and difficult to create them with existing tools


Existing tool’s database not good enough, missed out lot of product information.


No centralized workflow/platform to track, manage and execute AV projects


No tools to standardize student learning


Used multiple tools to fulfil AV design and documentation needs


Difficult to replicate standardized rooms accurately into new projects

Tools being used before XTEN-AV:Smartsheet, Google Docs and Stardraw. With XTEN-AV, Davidson College was able to replace all these tools with just a single platform.

XTEN-AV has a wonderful product and database, everything that I’ve searched for in the field is available in your database,’ said Richard in appreciation of the design & documentation software. So, it really becomes kind of an all-in-one record keeping, project management, inventory tracking and student training platform,” continued Richard.


problems solved:


Easily create as-builts using X-DRAW and its superior product database


Easily create products ‘on the fly’ and add them to My library


Centralize the entire AV project documentation, easily accessible from anywhere anytime.


Use the replicate design and project feature, easily create standardized rooms to be copied in to new projects with high levels of accuracy.


Standardize student learning & training on AV projects

XTEN-AV has sped up the time it takes to train students who sometimes come in semester by semester and then leave. XTEN-AV allows to, in a couple of weeks, get a student from basic unfamiliarity to being able to go out and troubleshoot.


As per Richard, the UI and UX of the platform is admirable, making it easy to use and learn for anyone in his team, even the new members.


“I think anybody with basic experience of any of the other tools could jump into XTEN-AV and, within hour or two, be in the ground running,’ claims Richard.”


Using X-DRAW and other built in XTEN-AV tools, Davidson college has been able to solve multiple issues with a single platform, resulting in 10X increase in efficiency of the entire process and also saving cost of paying and managing multiple different software subscriptions.

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