D-Tools Cloud vs x.doc: Which is Better for Audio Visual Proposal? 

D-Tools Cloud Vs x.doc: Which One Should You Prefer for Proposal creation & Tracking?

D-tools Cloud Vs x.doc

The reality in the world of audio visual project management is ever-changing. Thus, av software solutions are needed to be more efficient and successful. Currently, there are two mainstream software systems in the field of proposal creation and management: x.doc and Dtools cloud. The purpose of this article is to present a comparative analysis of D-tools cloud vs x.doc. 

Firstly, let’s review the unique features of x.doc and DTools to see the possibilities of working with this audio visual proposal creation and tracking software.

Unique Features of x.doc

Here are some of the unique features of x.doc: 

  • DFY Proposal Templates
  • Customizable Templates
  • Variable Automation 
  • Repeater Element
  • Single-Page Scrollable Document 
  • Multipage copy paste(page flow)
  • Free Set-up and training

DFY Proposal Templates

x.doc offers dynamic categories of professional business and audio visual proposal templates. Users select from many DFY business proposal templates the one that suits their project’s proposal requirements.

Customizable Business Proposal Templates

Users can also create & customize av proposal templates on the x.doc platform and store them for use in future projects. It also offers a DFY business proposal template that saves exponential time for the user.

Variable Automation

x.doc also allows for dynamic variables to be defined and added throughout the document, which are automatically included in associated project details, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the text.

Repeater Element

A repeater element in x.doc can be used to re-use elements by duplicating them. This allows the user to save time creating the proposal or document.  

Single-Page Scrollable Document

x.doc has an inbuilt single-page scrollable document feature, which allows users to easily scroll up and down as they work on their documents, making it easier and effective.

Multipage Copy Paste (page flow)

The multipage copy-paste (page flow) feature helps in automating the work process by minimizing the need to focus too much on manual support while making proposals or documents.

Free Set-up and Training

x.doc offers free set-up and training to new users and trains them to effectively use the platform for their work by educating them on the features and easy work methods for document creation.

Unique Features of D-tools Cloud

Here are some of the unique features of the D-tools cloud:

  • ERP system

ERP System

ERP system helps in reducing duplication in record-keeping allowing a more defined and efficient system to manage records.

Dtools Cloud vs x.doc: A Comparative Analysis

This comparative analysis of DTools Cloud vs x.doc will be based on the following aspects: 

  • Accessibility and User-Interface
  • Automation for Efficiency
  • Proposal Management and Collaboration
  • Price, Free Trial, and Customer Support

100% cloud-based Yes No Yes
Single platform for Drawings,
Design proposals and team collaboration
Yes Yes No
Built-in comprehensive
Drawing & Editing Tool
Yes Yes No
Automatic Cable
Yes Yes No
Title block styling Yes Yes No
AI based Search Sense Yes Yes Yes
Drawings Automation for Racks,
Signal Flows,
Cable Schedule etc
Yes No No
Automated ceiling
speaker layout tool
Yes No No
100+ proposal templates
+ My Templates
Yes Yes No
Variables Yes No No
Repeater element Yes No No
Digital Signatures
Yes Yes Yes
Single page scrollable
document editor
Yes Yes No
Multipage copy paste
(page flow)
Yes Yes No
Send proposals via
trackable URL
Yes Yes Yes
User access level Yes Yes Yes
In-App Chat Yes No Yes
Approval workflow Yes Yes No
Pricing $$ $$$$$ $$
Free set-up & training Yes No No
API Integrations Quickbooks Online, Salesforce,
Q360, Zoho CRM,
monday.com, Hubspot,
MS Dynamics
Quickbooks Online
or Desktop
+ Full API Support
Quickbooks Online
or Desktop
Dealer pricing For over
200 manufacturers
& distributors
Yes Yes

✓ No Credit Card Required.

Accessibility and User-Interface

x.doc and D-Tools Cloud operate based on a cloud and allow accessing projects remotely. However, x.doc provides a user with a much more straightforward and user-friendly interface to work with. The audio visual designers believed that it had to be easy, so everything was located together, and the user could quickly switch from one category to another, view files of an av project, and cooperate with the team. Due to the easy use of the device, a user can work together on different projects from any place or device even if the worker comes from another city.

Nevertheless, Dtools Cloud also offers cloud-based access to its interface. However, the platform can be a little more complex for some users. The frequent extra clicks or steps may indicate that x.doc can prove to be a more enjoyable client. Therefore, the simplicity and intuitiveness of x.doc is one more feature of a user-centric approach to audiovisual project management.

Automation for Efficiency

Moreover, automation is an essential part of optimizing audiovisual projects, enabling users to automate redundant processes and dedicate time and resources to creativity. Therefore, x.doc stands out in automation, offering automated cable labeling and title block styling, as well as drawing automation for racks and signal flows. As a result, the platform offers its users the opportunity to automate dull audio visual document operations, like cable labeling or drawing generation, facilitating other activities.

On the other hand, although Dtools Cloud has the same automation tools, they are not as extensive or user-friendly as x.doc. As a result, AV professionals spend more time doing manual work that could be done more efficiently and in less time. x.doc’s advanced automation will enable audiovisual professionals to automate their audio visual workflows and increase their production line, leading to faster project completion times and better results.

AV Proposal Management and Collaboration Tools

Proposal management and collaboration are crucial tools for AV professionals to present their project ideas and requirements to their clients and teammates. A vast library of proposal templates, an AI-based search sense, and multipage copy-paste complements x.doc proposal management. Such resources make it possible for users to develop high-quality and client-centered proposals within a short period. The collaboration tools allow team members to collaborate and make modifications based on each other’s opinions in real-time.

Although D-Tools Cloud also includes features for proposal management and collaboration, some of the offerings made by x.doc may be more complete and convenient for its users. Therefore, audiovisual system integrators who use D-tools platform like x.doc by XTEN-AV can simplify the creation of av proposals and improve communication among their team members, which can help complete projects more successfully.

Price, Free Trial, and Customer Support

Apart from several features, x.doc has very convenient pricing plans for customers with different needs. Moreover, the audio visual program platform offers the possibility to test x.doc during a free trial to understand whether it meets one’s requirements. In terms of customer support, x.doc has a well-trained team to help users with any issues, ensuring that one will receive a response to any questions. Therefore, if users have any technical issues or need assistance, x.doc will guide them through all processes.

Although Dtools SI and Cloud offers similar characteristics, people can demand better pricing on x.doc. They can even try its product for free or get better customer service. x.doc allows audio visual designers & sales professionals to get all the required features at competitive rates with better customer service.

Ready to Use x.doc as Your Proposal Creation Software?

Now that you know the remarkable exceptions of the best audio visual proposal creation & management software x.doc possesses, we can understand your urge to get started with it right now. You can start using x.doc at zero cost through its 15-day free trial period, which can be extended to another 15 days. You don’t need to fill in your credit card details for the trial period. 

Get Started, NOW!

100+ Free Proposal Templates

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Fit

To conclude this D-tools Cloud vs x.doc article, x.doc and Dtools Cloud all have important features for audiovisual project management. However, compared to D Tools Cloud, x.doc has better features, such as being user-friendly, its automation mechanisms being more advanced, proposal management being more comprehensive and professional, costs being more competitive, and a free trial. Also, x.doc has more responsive customer service. In summary, x.doc is the most accredited solution for audiovisual installers, designers & system integrators to use due to its user-friendly design that believes in a streamlined av workflow.


There are many proposal creation software in the market, but as per the recent trends, the software x.doc has proven to be the most simple and efficient proposal creation software in the market.

The legally binding digital signature feature that software x.doc has is among the most efficient and effective digital signature solutions a user could ask for.

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