How to Choose the Best Proposal Management Software for Your Business?

How to Choose the Best Proposal Management Software for Your AV Business?

Proposal Management Software

The AV industry in the business world is full of opportunities and high competition. This makes it clear that AV professionals always need to create winning proposals which can keep them ahead of the continuously rising competition. A successful and pre-planned proposal highlights your consistency, predictability and brings you some extra time to discuss important tasks with your team.

There are numerous service providers who claim that they’re providing best proposal software in the industry but out of the huge it can be really challenging to find out the right one that actually meets your specific requirements every time. In this blog, we shall be putting together all the information about how to choose the best proposal management software?

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what proposal creation software is. 
  • Know about the uses of features such as cloud-based data storage and proposal tracking.  
  • Know which are the 7 best proposal management and writing software tools in the market. 
  • Understand the key factors for comparison of proposal management tools. 
  • Find your answer for why proposal automation software is important for your business. 
  • Find the FAQs you are curious to know about.

What is Proposal Management Software?

As can be understood by the name, a proposal management software enables its users to manage their proposals by simplifying and streamlining the process of business proposal creation. While there could be different versions of proposals that you may be creating for different purposes and different clients you definitely need a comprehensive space where all your work can be organized and arranged in a manner that you have easy access to them anytime you want along with tools which can enable you to create professional looking proposals without putting into so much extra effort.

Out of the huge list of proposal development software available in the market one of the best software is x.doc and it can take your proposal creation experience to the next level. x.doc would enable you as a customer to enjoy a user-friendly interface and seamless experience.

Why Use Proposal Management Software Tools?

It is always important to be organized and keep your files and all material arranged in a comprehensive manner. This would not only enable ease of access but would also ensure that you don’t lose anything from your professional portfolio or any important document.

The manual process of arranging everything in an organized manner can be a really daunting task these days as it takes a lot of time. But with proposal management software you can step into a new world where you can revolutionize your approaches to proposal management. Let’s explore the benefits of using proposal management tools. It can provide you with following benefits:

  1. Efficiency: For sure the efficiency of your inputs would increase and you’ll notice that the process has been simplified by automating the repetitive tasks. Having said so, you can now focus on content and strategy along with your team.
  2. Collaboration and Communication: Using these softwares it’s easy for teams to collaborate, share media and documents, and keep the communication effective.
  3. Enhanced Professionalism: Your proposals would have a new and state-of-the-art look and they would become even more professional aesthetically.
  4. Control and Tracking: Without keeping a track over the versions of proposals it would become very difficult to control and ensure what’s final and what’s not. By using proposal automation software, you can do this in minutes and apply full control on the modifications in your proposals.
  5. Time and Cost Savings: You’ll be able to minimize the expenses that comes with proposal creation, and this can be done by automating manual chores and automating repetitive tasks.

What are the common features of Proposal Management Software?

If you wish to choose the best proposal management software, why not know all about it in depth? Well, that’s where the need to understand all the features comes into the picture. This will give you a wholesome idea about the process of proposal creation and its various applications. 

Here are the common features to look for:

  • Document Creation and Templates: To save time and money you can directly choose out of the list of templates which can make your proposals look professional by appearance. Not only this you can also make countless changes and adjustments to these templates.
  • Collaboration Tools: There’s a real-time collaboration feature in the software along with comments and notifications which you can utilize to engage with team members and can even work remotely to make an outstanding proposal that’d always win.
  • Integration and Compatibility: if you wish to make your operations easy and comprehensive you should check if the software contains a feature that synchronizes with your current tools and platforms. For example CRM platforms or project management software.
  • Analytics and Reporting: One of the most important aspects of any proposal generation software is the reporting. It’s crucial to keep a track on every step and change made by using analytics and reporting about the development. There should also be a feature of monitoring history. 
  • Security and Access Control: always ensure how safe your data would be once you upload it on the software cloud. To ensure this do read the privacy policy and check for encryption, user access limits, and backup features to keep the confidentiality of your data at the top.
  • User-Friendly Interface: When it comes to user-interface the software must follow the basic UI principles to provide you with a seamless user experience. Just go for a dry run before putting the software into full time usage.

Considering these features you can finally choose the best suitable proposal management software that would definitely meet all your demands and enhance your business experience above and beyond your expectations.

Which Are the Top 7 Proposal Management Software Tools?

1. x.doc:

XTEN-AV’s x.doc comes out to be a cloud based proposal software that is proficient for proposal management. It is unique and can be proven as one of the best solutions that you can use. You’ll be getting numerous features which are designed to ensure that your proposal lifecycle is totally streamlined. With x.doc you can access a highly comprehensive and user-friendly interface with a wide range of 100% customizable templates. x.doc easily integrates with other devices and channels ensuring the enhanced workflow capability. It also provides you with analytics and reporting which is a mandate for controlling and tracking purposes. Last but not the least, this software comes with encryption, user access controls, and backup options to safeguard your data.

2. Jetbuilt:

It is another proposal writing software that offers similar features to enhance the creation process. It comes with collaboration tools, user-friendly interface, analytics, reporting and data security. Some users may find it slightly down compared to x.doc which provides 24X7 customer support by providing assistance whenever you need and ensuring that your problem is solved.

3. Portal IO:

Portal IO focuses on enhanced collaboration and streamlining the project. It comes with features like content libraries, and real-time collaboration. Besides, some features might be lacking when it is compared to x.doc.

4. Pandadoc:

Pandadoc is another powerful and popular business proposal software which is known for its outstanding capabilities in collaboration and workflow management. Some users may find it working slightly slow and lacking some advanced features as compared to x.doc.

5. Proposify:

If you wish to have a visually-driven proposal management solution then proposify is something that you might be interested in. however the same features are offered by x.doc as well. Proposify is a suitable option for you if you wish to make a proposal for a smaller scale requirement with some appealing proposal templates.

6. Jotform:

Jotform is suitable when you have to create online forms and documents which can be accessed by anyone who clicks on the link provided by you. You might want your customer database or your team-members to be participative in any of your forums or surveys then jotforms might be a good solution. However, talking about professional business proposals might be something that doesn’t flow their boat too well when it’s compared to x.doc.

7. Better Proposal:

Do you aim to simplify the proposal creation process? Your problem can be solved by using better proposals as it can offer you customizable templates, collaboration features followed by reporting and analytics. While it may not have the same level of advanced capabilities and integration options as x.doc.

Although each of the above-mentioned proposal development & tracking software have their own strengths, XTEN-AV’s x.doc stands out as the best online proposal management software tool with its competitive pricing, outstanding features collection and customer support.

100+ Free Proposal Templates

What to consider when comparing proposal management software tools?

It can be a big decision when you have to choose the right proposal creation and tracking software as it can significantly influence your business’s regulations and competence. In such scenario, to make a wise decision with informed approach it is crucial to perform a proposal management software comparison for the following parameters between two or more proposal automation tools:

Budget and Pricing Models:

First of all, you should consider your budget and compare the costs asked by all the tools. This would help you make optimum use by determining the best fit according to your purpose.


Check for the adaptiveness and a friendly user-interface as these aspects are mandatory if you wish to have your proposal creation process simplified and take it to the next level. To do so you can read the user manual or can watch some review videos over the internet. Also, you can go for a free-trial of the software. Always choose a free proposal management software for trial basis.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Check whether or not the software is able to take in the load of growing your business needs as per your requirements? Check for the storage and number proposals that it can handle. Once you’ve taken all that information into account you’ll be able to figure out if it’s a right fit for you or not.

Customer Support and Training Resources:

Check if you’ll be given proper customer support and training resources from the service provider. It usually comprises features like live chat, email support or telephone support. To register any issue or complaint there should be an easy flow following which you should be able to connect with their customer representatives.

Integration Capabilities with Existing Tools and Systems:

You should always check whether or not the proposal management software you are about to select for a long-term use is going to be capable of integrating with other devices and systems that you already have spent over.

You can click here to learn more about DFY proposal templates for your av or other business.


As a concluding statement it’s important to look after some key factors before finalizing the best proposal management software. These key factors may include pricing, reporting, integration ability, analytics, customer support etc. You can make an informed decision by taking advantage of free-trials and demos. Not only this there are numerous feedback and reviews by existing users which can really help you make a wiser decision. The best suitable proposal tracking software improves efficiency and boosts your success in creating winning proposals. Additionally, it helps you in embracing the business sense to achieve maximum growth.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Proposal software helps you to streamline and simplify your proposal creation process and helps you keep your data safe and protected. It also helps you to be able to collaborate with teams.

Although, it depends on your requirements, we recommend x.doc as it might have every possible solution that you might be looking for.

The process of proposal creation becomes easy when you’re using a proposal creation software. You can collaborate with your team members, keep data private, and use customizable templates to save time.

Yes it enhances the proposal creation process very much depending on what software you’re using.

The full form of RFP is a request for proposal. Generally, it includes a client’s brief, evaluation criteria and a timeline for the submission.

By using a proposal-making software that offers automation features you can easily automate the process.

Software like x.doc can easily integrate with CRM or Project management systems. This integration enables seamless transfer of data. The users get the power to access client’s information, control or track progress, and manage projects better than never before.

This software is very powerful and are equipped with features like real-time tracking and monitoring the view time, edit history, acceptance reports. By using proposal development software, you can track progress and Matrics of your proposal creation.

They mainly provide support through emails, live-chat, and phone calls. They support team targets on understanding the problem of consumers and try to provide them with the best possible solution as per the policies.

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