What To 10X Your Solar Business? Experience Our Free-to-Use Solar Proposal Template!

Looking to illuminate your commercial solar business with a winning proposal? Look no further! Our solar proposal template is the key to bridging the gap between your exceptional services and high-paying clients.

Prepare yourself to present an inspiring proposal that will captivate your clients and deliver the desired results. And guess what?

This business proposal sample is not only 100% customizable and easy to use but also completely FREE! Don’t just take our word for it, experience the transformative power of this template for yourself.

Maximize your close rates with real time notifications and easy access on any device, letting you keep on top of your deals, all the time. It’s time to infuse your proposal with your personal touch by adding images, logos, testimonials and much more. Research shows that adding a personal touch significantly increases your chances of sealing the deal.

Here’s a little secret hack for you: including real images in your proposal can boost your close rates by a whopping 26%! So why not showcase images of your previous solar installations that demonstrate your expertise and prove your worth?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A solar proposal is a document that outlines the details of a proposed solar project, including the estimated costs, potential savings, and the timeline for completion. It is important to have a personal touch in your proposal so that it stands out from all the others.

We have designed well-researched solar proposal templates. This format is proven to drive maximum results:

  • Cover page
  • Cover letter
  • Project summary 
  • Project schedule
  • Solar quoting
  • About us 
  • Our team
  • Showcase your past work
  • Signature page & solar installation contract

Absolutely! At XTEN-AV, we offer a range of free-to-use solar proposal templates. This provides you with the ultimate flexibility to customize and curate proposals that precisely meet your client’s needs. Begin creating remarkable solar proposals today and shine brighter with your clients.

While you can find countless tips online on crafting a compelling proposal, only a few will emphasize the importance of understanding your client’s specific requirements and business. Begin by comprehending their needs, then outline how your solar solutions can address their challenges and deliver the desired results.

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