Case Study : University of Wyoming adopts XTEN-AV to centrally design, track and manage AV projects

Christopher Dechter, from University of Wyoming, is an AV industry veteran and has been running AV projects at UW. In the past, he has used archaic desktop software with having to buy different plugins like Visio and CAD to complete the AV drawings and designs, facing multiple other issues.

“XTEN-AV was of huge interest to us because of the cloud-based platform and it’s new and modern take on things”

Challenges Faced Before Using XTEN-AV


No central repository to track ongoing projects


Need of external tools, like CAD and Visio, to add on top of the software


Difficulties in replicating designs accurately and efficiently


Using shared spreadsheets and network folders, losing track of vital information


Different Platforms being used for creating proposals to be sent to different university departments

"XTEN-AV provides me a central repository to track client interactions, ongoing projects, to do my design and engineering, to create those bills of material, and to create those formal proposals to go out to client departments on campus, all on the same platform" Christopher adds.


“I used D-tools in past in two different ways, D-tools with CAD and with Visio, and now XTEN-AV has completely replaced that now for my entire workflow”


Using XTEN-AV, University of Wyoming streamlined their AV design and documentation needs, and at the same point of time eliminated the need to buy different licenses for Visio, CAD and other proposal software. Saving hundreds of dollars; the XTEN-AV subscription pays for itself.

We help companies ditch legacy tools and upgrade them to offer an engaging experience with designs and proposals.

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