Audio Visual Request for Proposal (AV RFP): Learn it with Pro Tips

How to Make an Audio Visual Request for Proposal - Step by Step Guide

Audio Visual Request For Proposal AV RFP

Not getting the accurate AV solutions according to your requirements? It can be hectic to keep looking for AV solutions that don’t quite get what you are looking for. Well, the easiest solution is to write an in-detail audio visual request for proposal

A request for a proposal will not only clearly state your AV requirements but will also make sure that you get possible reverts from services that can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. 

It can be confusing for first timers as to what actually is an RFP. Relax; this article will give you every detail you need to make a perfect AV RFP.

Why is an RFP important for audio-visual services?

Writing an RFP for your AV requirements is undoubtedly important in many ways. It not only saves you ample time that is lost in connecting conversations to every AV service you know. A single audio visual request for proposal gives you the opportunity to meet the right AV services that totally understand your requirements. 

Basically, an audio-visual RFP ensures that the services that will connect with you have the exact idea of what you are looking for, with specifications and limitations as well. 

Let’s decode what your RFP for AV requirements must have.

How to write an Audio Visual Request For Proposal (AV RFP)?

Every perfect RFP has one thing in common, it clearly states your requirements and only attracts services that can meet them. The following points will give that perfection to your audio visual request for proposal.

List Down Your Requirements

It is always better to mention the important requirements first. This will make sure that services that are incapable of meeting your requirements are not connecting with you at all. This section will include all the basic information about your event, such as: 

  • What type of event are you planning? 
  • What is the goal of your event? 
  • What is your ideal target group or audience?
  • Where is the place you have in mind for the event
  • How many people are you expecting to attend your event? 
  • When are you planning the event(date)?

Introduce Your Company

Unlike a formal in-detail introduction, you just have to give a basic introduction of your company. Mention the details such as: 

  • The work of your company (field of the business) 
  • History of the company (emergence, notable work) 
  • A crux of your values and mission statement

This will help the vendor to understand your company better through the audio visual request for proposal and will give an insight into the event as per your perception.

Outline the budget for the event

After you are done introducing your company, mention the exact budget you have for the event. It is better to clearly state the high limit of your budget, so vendors don’t send you proposals that are over the line. State a clear budget that you are comfortable with to avoid any confusion later in terms of services for the event.

Give specifications for your ideal AV Solutions

Here, mention all the types of equipment with specifications that you require for the event. The basic idea of this section is to make the vendor understand what you require for the event to be a success. This section will cover topics such as: 

  • What are the types of equipment you need for the event?
  • What are the configurations and specifications of the equipment you are looking for?
  • The set-up you want for the event. 
  • Your ideal delivery and installation method. 
  • Any extra features or modifications you want in the equipment for this particular event?

Request a Summary of the AV company’s previous Projects

Create a section to request the AV company’s previous projects in your audio visual request for proposal to help you better understand the work style and capabilities of the company for your event. Ask for details such as: 

  • Name and contact information of their clients. 
  • The type of event they provided AV services for.

Provide the Timeline of Your Event

Give a brief description of the event, particularly from the time of planning, followed by the commencement and ending of the event. This will provide a fair idea to the AV services about your expectations and deadlines you are working with for the event.

Finally, Request the Quotation for the Event

Now that you have mentioned all the necessary requirements and defined them in various aspects, ask for the quotation for your AV solutions. You may mention a format you seek the quotation in, and if you need any particular mode or cycle of payment, that’s totally up to you to add up in your audio visual request for proposal.

DFY AV RFP Template By x.doc

We have got you a DFY audio visual av RFP template that is proven to give you 2x success, just like our existing users, that also saves your valuable time and effort.

Contract Proposal

Statement Of Work (SOW)

Over to You with an Insight on AV Proposal Software to Use

Now, you have every information to get started with making your AV RFP. If you are looking for software to do it with, then choose software that is a true one-stop solution for complete proposal making. It will be better if you look for software that offers a free trial period. 

Try x.doc’s 15-day free trial which is equipped with all kinds of features you will need. Also, the free trial offers access to AV business proposal templates that you can use for any kind of AV proposal or document with an option to customize for the perfect blend and fit. 

If you wanna know more about x.doc, you can book a quick demo to see what it has to offer.

100+ Free Proposal Templates


RFP for AV services is a proposal in which you request vendors to send you quotations based on the requirements you mentioned for your audio-visual solutions, generally for events.

You can use the x.doc 15-day free trial to get started with making your Audio Visual Request For Proposal. This software also gives access to free templates that you can use for the AV RFP.

If you seek services, then you will send a request for a proposal, and vendors will revert you back with a quotation proposal based on your requirements and conditions.

Sahil Dhingra
Sahil Dhingra
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