Bid on Construction Jobs – 5 Pro Tips That Every Bidder Hide

Bid on Construction Jobs: Tips You Need to Win the Deal

Bid on Construction Jobs

Are you a new or existing owner of a construction business? If yes, you know the importance of making the correct bid on construction jobs to secure the deal. Your construction business largely depends on the bid you make to get the deal.

You, out of all people, will understand that winning the construction bid is much more complicated than it looks. It is not just about quoting a price; there are many things to consider before quoting your bid to get the deal. 

This article will provide you with all the steps to ensure that you win every bid for your construction business from now on.

What is a Bid on a Construction Job?

As a contractor in the construction business, you need to quote a bid for every deal(project) you plan to get. Just like you, there will be other contractors making a bid for the same deal. The project owner chooses the best bid and signs the deal with that contractor. 

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of things for you to do before quoting your bid as a contractor. Let’s understand every step-in detail.

Best Tips to Bid on Construction Jobs

As a construction business owner, the dynamics of winning a deal have totally changed. You must follow a bidding process for construction projects to make an ideal bid that gets you every deal you plan to work on. 

  • Look for ideal construction bidding opportunities
  • Meeting the Project Owner 
  • Take a Survey of the Project Site 
  • Budget Estimation
  • Submit Your Proposal

Look for ideal Construction Bidding Opportunities

As a contractor in a construction business, your work begins with looking for ideal construction projects that you can bid on. Here, ideal means the construction projects that your company is capable of doing in the given time. Bid on construction jobs that require resources such as machinery and labor similar to what your business offers. 

You can look for ideal construction bid opportunities by government or private ventures on leading websites such as: 

Meeting the Project Owner

It is always a good idea to have a meeting with your potential client. Both public and private ventures call up a meeting of potential bidders to discuss their expectations from the project, such as project scope, timeline, and budget. Also, such meetings give you better clarity about the deal and the add-ons required in your construction bid proposal.

Take a Survey of the Project Site

Yes, one of the most important steps to bid on construction jobs with the right number is to take a site survey. Once you are familiar with the project’s scope and budget, you must survey the construction site. 

This ensures that, as a contractor, you will have an idea about the magnitude of resources you need for this project. A site visit will also tell you about the work you must do beyond the project scope. Also, if under your capabilities, this will also help you with the design-bid-build for the project.

Budget Estimation

Now that you have a much better understanding of the project. Your budget estimation will be more accurate and favorable to the project owners. 

Consider all factors for the budget, including: 

  • Cost of the Material Required 
  • Procurement Cost
  • Cost of Labor 
  • Cost of Machinery 
  • Cost of subcontractors (if any)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses 

These factors are essential to take into consideration before placing a bid on construction jobs.

Submit Your Proposal

Finally, with all the above tips, you definitely have everything you need to make the correct bid for a construction project. 

What now? Are you confused about how to make a winning construction bid proposal? Relax; our article on how to write a Bid Proposal will master you with every detail you require to win a construction project for your company.

Which Software Should You Use to Make a Bid Proposal for Construction?

When it comes to selecting software that provides ease of designing proposals, there are many options to choose from. However, there are limited choices in the market for software equipped with every salient feature required to make winning proposal documents. 

You should try x.doc as it is among the top-reviewed software in the realm of document designing software. Luckily, it provides a 15-day free trial period with access to free business bid proposal templates that are a perfect fit for your dynamic proposal needs.

100+ Free Proposal Templates


A construction project bid is an offer made by a contractor in the construction business to a client or the project owner to win the deal. The bid winner is decided by the project owner on the basis of the offers various bidders propose in their bid construction proposal.

There is some software that allow a free trial period for users. You can try x.doc for its 15-day free trial period to design any business proposal.

If you are a contractor, then understand that the design-bid-build method involves the completion of a project in sequence. It starts by establishing a design, which is followed by a bid on construction jobs, and if selected, then the last phase takes action, which is the building or construction of the project. Basically, this process has a straightforward principle, which is not to overlap or simultaneously perform any two stages of the project.

The foremost step is to get a general contractor license that allows you to bid on construction projects under a most generic valuation tab. Above that, consider getting bonds and insurance for your company, as more prominent clients will definitely take that into consideration before finalizing a contractor. Also, make sure before signing a project that you have every relevant permit to start the construction, or else it can result in a huge penalty or maybe cancellation of your license.

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