XTEN-AV Blog #3: How XTEN-AV can help AV businesses to work remotely & save costs under the COVID-19 pandemic

XTEN-AV Blog #3: How XTEN-AV can help AV businesses to work remotely & save costs under the COVID-19 pandemic

During these challenging times, XTEN-AV stands in solidarity with the whole AV industry, and remain fully operational for our partner businesses and users. Thanks to our innovative tech community, the entire XTEN-AV team is working from home and resolving day to day customer service requests just like before.

Our cloud-based infrastructure enables commercial AV businesses the power to effectively collaborate between remote teams.

XTEN-AV offers a series of collaborative features precisely designed to support remote teams for all size commercial AV businesses. XTEN-AV is a one-stop-shop for all your business technology needs.

  • Our 100% cloud-base infrastructure eliminates the need for managing a local geographical server, saving businesses 100% on equipment setup and maintenance costs. Just connect to the internet from anywhere in the world and access all your data on the XTEN-AV platform.

  • Our groundbreaking Drawings & Documents automation feature is one of a kind. It cuts down the design hours by 50% and builds more accurate AV designs, all based on AVIXA standards and guidelines.

  • With just one click team members can share their design work with the rest of their team, external teams, and even with the customer for approval.

  • Manage all your AV design, proposal, and CRM work on a single software

  • X-DRAW: our breakthrough drawing tool will allow you to create all your drawings even the floor plans in your XTEN-AV portal, eliminating the need to buy tools like AUTOCAD, Visio or lucidchart.

  • Within a few seconds, our proposal tool will create full customer proposals, saving you the cost and time in using a 3rd party proposal tool.

  • With XTEN-AV you would not need a separate CRM system. Our advance CRM features such as multi-level user access, approval processes, call logs, funnels, contacts and accounts management and many more will keep your sales and success teams close with the customers.

  • XTEN-AV also offers an array of personalized customization features for our Enterprise customers: integration with ERP and CRM software(s), and feature customization as per organization needs.

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With the overwhelmingly positive response from the AV community about what the platform offers to AV firms, we are on the path to engaging the industry in every aspect. 

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