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One Page Proposal

Have you ever thought about what makes your proposal successful? Yes, the correct outline and information are all important, but what’s that one thing that makes them successful? Don’t think! The answer you are looking for is readability. The office where you sent your proposal probably gets about 100 of them in a day. What sets you apart is how direct, readable, and appealing your business proposal is. 

Let’s agree on one thing: in this fast-track world, nobody has a whole day to go through one proposal. That’s why you need a one-page proposal. Easy, quick, and statistically, it has a better success rate than long proposals. 

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Now, let’s get started with this article. After this read, you will have 100% clarity about one-page proposals.

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What Is a One-page Proposal?

A one-page proposal has every vital detail you need to present, that your client or existing business partners need from you. Such proposals are pretty handy when you know the competition is with multiple people or businesses. 

Uni-page proposals are generally written for pre-existing clients or companies that are familiar with your business style. However, current trends show that you can indeed send a single-page proposal to new clients or businesses. The trick is unlike long, multiple pages; you have to keep single-sheet proposals crisp, relevant, and under one page, as the name suggests. 

Sounds simple right? Well, it is if you keep certain things in consideration—it’s time to know about the ideal format of these proposals.

Standard One-Page Proposal Format

There are pretty much five things your single-page proposal must have. 

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Services Offered
  • Timeline
  • Price

Let’s take a look at them and briefly know what comes under each heading.

How to write a one-page proposal?

Follow these tips under every heading to ease the process of making single-page proposals.


Just like every other document, your proposal also needs a title that is appealing, short, and self-explanatory of what the proposal is all about. Consider not going for fancy titles, as the whole idea of a one-pager proposal is to give plain, direct, and complete information.


Yes, your single-page proposal will also have a summary, but unlike regular summaries, you have to wrap this summary in a max of 3 lines. Focus on giving a crux of the most important things that your proposal is about. A trick that always helps is that a reader should get an idea of what your proposal provides after reading your summary.

Services Offered

Here, services can be the equipment, assistance, or actual services you offer through your proposals. Explain them with clarity and specifications. This section should take at most five lines in your one-page proposal. 

For example, if you are providing equipment, mention the specifications, quality, warranty, and things that must clarify the equipment to the reader.


Here, a timeline suggests the time span of the whole deal. When will the services start, first order, order continuation, or completion of the entire order? Pretty much all the important dates of the deliverables or the services you are providing.


Of course, it is the cost estimation or actual costs of the services you have to offer. Mention special discounts, payment cycles, terms and conditions(if any), and your preferred payment methods.

Also, don’t forget to mention your contact details and signature space for both parties to close the deal. You may input an appealing call-to-action right above the contact details to urge the reader to sign the deal with you.

Why (and when) to write a one-pager?

One-pager proposals are written in various situations. Such proposals are common when you are looking to extend a deal with a client who is familiar with your services and is just looking for a formal proposal to extend the deal. 

Also, single-page proposals are often asked for by businesses as they have 100 proposals coming to them every day. Basically, two obvious situations where you may need a single-page proposal are when a client specifically asks for it or when you are proposing to a business that is familiar with you or has done business with you in the past. 

Apart from this, one-sheet proposals are quite effective when you are on a time crunch and are looking to close a deal, supposedly, in a business seminar or conference. 

In short, one-sheet proposals are a game changer when re-establishing deals with familiar clients or cracking deals under a time crunch. Also, if you need to design bid proposals for your business needs, this article will surely help you.

Benefits of Using a One-page Proposal

Yes, writing less pays off! There are some benefits of one-sheet proposals. Let’s know what they are.

Quick Presentation& Decision Making

A single-page business proposal presents your services to clients in a direct and quick manner. They get everything they are looking for in closing a deal with you on a single page. Thus making it quick to decide whether to choose you or not for business. Either way, you and the client save a lot of time closing the deal or moving on to another.

Better Communication

Easy work is the dream work. Uni page proposals are easy to make and can be a game changer for making proposals for multiple clients. Imagine proposing multiple services specific to each client, probably in minutes. This gives you extra time to tackle various clients in less time. Saving resources and increasing clientele as well.

Time Management

As mentioned earlier, single-sheet proposals are quite effective in time-crunch situations. In every way, such a proposal saves a lot of time for you to focus on other aspects of running a business or even manage your time.

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FAQ's You Wanna Know

You should send a single-page proposal when the client has already done business with you. And now, the client is just looking to extend the deal. Sometimes, the client specifically asks you to write a single-page proposal document. Also, such proposals are best suited when you are in a time crunch situation, like proposing a deal in a business seminar or similar events.

Uni page proposals should only include the essentials of title, summary, deliverables, time frame, and pricing. It is important to remember that such proposals are best suited with pointers and not in paragraphs. It should only include relevant and essential information.

There should not be any comparison between both. Both these types of proposals are equally important based on the situation you have. In short, go with long proposals for new clients and single-page proposals for pre-existing or familiar clients.

Single-page proposals have a simple and direct format. This includes title, summary, deliverables, time frame, and pricing. Also, include a signature space for both parties to sign the deal. You may include relevant terms and conditions. (if any)

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