XTEN-AV bags a utility patent for its AI-based Drawings technology in the USPTO

AI Drawing Technology Patent For Audio Visual AV Industry
AI Drawing Technology Patent For Audio Visual AV Industry

Union City, Calif. –Aug 20, 2022 – XTEN-AV, the world’s first AI-powered, cloud-based AV design software, is now patented in the United States Patents and Trademarks Office. The patent number US 11,379,193 B2, recognizes the technology behind the audiovisual software, making it the only AV design and documentation software with a utility patent.

The patent further increases the reliability of the systems design software created with AV-specific capabilities, to propagate automation in the av design process. The patented platform streamlines project workflows, designing and diagramming processes, documentation, and BOMs, as a part of its need-analysis enterprise.

“We are gratified that the US Patent Office has recognized the uniqueness of our XTEN-AV technology and granted this patent,” said Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra, co-Founders, XTEN-AV. “The patent further strengthens the differentiation of XTEN-AV in the AV markets and provides us a sustainable competitive advantage in introducing automation in AV designing.”

“At XTEN-AV we pride ourselves on providing our users with best-in-the-market technology, to create professional AV projects that best suit their requirements, and the patent now reinstates our claim, “ concluded the co-Founders.

For additional information on the award-winning platform, please visit www.xtenav.com. Keep up with the latest news from XTEN-AV on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


XTEN-AV’s cloud-based platform ascertains the needs of the project, recommends the best products, and creates automated wiring diagrams, bill of materials, and end-customer proposals within minutes, thereby increasing productivity tenfold. The built-in CRM and Analytical dashboard help integrators to be on top of their projects and accounts. XTEN-AV strives to enable AV integrators to move away from the legacy methods of project design. For more information, please visit https://xtenav.com.

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