XTEN-AV donates Oxygen Concentrators to help India through the second wave of COVID-19

Oxygen Concentrators Donation Xten-AV
Oxygen Concentrators Donation By Xten-AV

XTEN-AV’s fundraiser facilitated the procurement, shipment and donation of medical equipment to support India’s medical crisis

Union City, Calif. – August 02, 2021 – XTEN-AV, the world’s first AI-powered, cloud-based AVdesign software, announced a monumental fundraiser to deploy resources throughout India to save lives. COVID-19 created a shortage of medical supplies, and overburdened healthcare facilities. The ever-increasing number of infections was of common knowledge throughout India.XTEN-AV’s thorough analysis of the situation and probable solutions led them to an acute shortage of medical oxygen delivered to the grassroots levels.

XTEN-AV established a fundraiser to facilitate the procurement, shipment and donation of medical equipment to support India. The fundraiser was able to push through closer to their goalwith tremendous support from AtlasIED, THE rAVe Agency and 4Media Solutions. AtlasIED, an award-winning commercial audio and video solutions and communication systemsprovider, graciously contributed 50 oxygen concentrators, resulting in a significant impact on the charitable vision of XTEN-AV. Additionally, AtlasIED graciously aided in theshipping and sourcing of the oxygen concentrators via their China office.

THE rAVe Agency, a full-service creative agency that serves the AV and UCC markets exclusively, established a fundraiser to accomplish a major milestone to contribute 5 oxygen concentrator units. Additionally, XTEN-AV was supported by 4Media Solutions, a group of AV/ITexperts with a proven track record and over 30 years of experience. 4Media Solutions donated 1 oxygen concentrator unit to bring XTEN-AV closer to its goal. It was in cumulation that XTEN-AV was able to make a difference to the situation.

“XTEN-AV has always stood by its people, and taking a step for those in need with the oxygen concentrators was only imperative to help India. We believe that our contributions to these organizations that deliver ground-level relief to individuals and communities in need, as assistance to the medical personnel of the country will greatly accelerate the scale and impact of our relief through the pandemic,” said Vibhav Singh & Sahil Dhingra, Co-Founders, XTEN-AV.“We believe in this fight against the virus and are here forth better equipped to help ourselves and others through a third wave, in case a need arises.”

Since the onset of the global pandemic, XTEN-AV stood in solidarity with the AV industry. XTEN-AV started with a technological contribution with a COVID-19 Monitoring and Prediction Tool, to help businesses wade through the tough times without harm. XTEN-AV also saw it as their responsibility to step forward again to support those working at the frontlines to provide health, economic and social services for those affected by COVID-19. XTEN-AV donated oxygen concentrators to an array of organizations and facilities, including Sri Vasudev Siksha Sansthan, Jaunpur, U.P. and the Red Cross Society, to ensure a grass-root level reach of the equipment.

Sri Vasudev Siksha Sansthan, Jaunpur, U.P. is a charitable, educational institution that hosts educational drives and social works to uplift the population of the rural areas of the country. XTEN-AV donated 15 oxygen concentrators to the organization. They, in turn, donated many of these concentrators to needy, smaller hospitals and clinics in their vicinity and created a mini oxygen bank to prepare for a probable third wave of COVID-19.

The Red Cross Society’s St John’s Ambulance Wing engages in humanitarian efforts across thecountry, providing first aid facilities and acting as first point facilitators in rural and urban India. All the people who work for this organization are volunteers and carry out their humanitarian activities as their fundamental duty to society. XTEN-AV donated 20 oxygen concentrator units to this esteemed social work organization. These oxygen concentrators will provide much-needed relief in the ambulances transporting critical patients.In addition to the benevolence of the population of the country, XTEN-AV has also set up an oxygen bank of 21 oxygen concentrators to sustain and suppress a probable thirdwave of COVID-19. These are intended to be shared with people in need, staff and friends and family of anyone in the XTEN-AV network, with no applicable fees.

Anyone in need or for references is requested to contact us at support@xtenav.com. For additional information, please visit http://www.xtenav.com/. Keep up with the latest news from XTEN-AV on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.



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