Sponsorship for Events: Essentials You Need to Know To Boost Brand Exposure & Funds

How to Get Sponsorship for an Events - The Ultimate Guide 2024

Sponsorship For Events

As an event planner, you know the importance of having good sponsorship for events. But knowing doesn’t help. It is getting trickier to find good and relevant sponsors as we enter the new realm of business relations. An accurate sponsor is a brand(business) that gets the right audience for its products or services in your event. Meanwhile, you get the funds and resources to plan one hell of an event. Isn’t that correct?

This article will give you an insight on how to target, approach, and get sponsors for your event. Also, if you want to increase clientele, take a look at how to write a proposal for an event to expand your business.

Now, let’s get started with the basics of the sponsorship hunt for your events!

How Do We Target Sponsorship for Events?

A particular event is only meant for certain brands to sponsor or be part of. Only some kinds of businesses are interested in sponsoring your event. Your event has to be somewhat relevant for a sponsor. For instance, a tobacco brand will not promote a health awareness program. 

So, what are your event sponsorship examples? Ideally, businesses in the realm of fitness, organic food, nutrition, and sports apparel are the target sponsors for an event based on health awareness. 

As explained, in order to target sponsorship for events, you must look for relevant businesses that will profit from the particular audience of your event. 

Simply understand that brands ideally sponsor events that are inclusive of their target audience so that they can increase their client base or at least promote their brand awareness. 

Now that you know how to target sponsors, let’s understand how to approach them in this ever-changing business world with in-detail information.

How To Approach Event Sponsorship? (3 Key Tactics)

To approach sponsors for an event, you need to understand that there is no one way to do so. It depends on how comfortable you feel approaching them. It can be a traditional phone call or a meeting. The problem with such means is that it is a time-consuming method, and often, no company is willing to sponsor on just a call.

Create a Proposal For Sponsors

To tackle this problem, you can write a sponsorship proposal and easily mail it to as many potential sponsors as you want. The proposal will clearly state your requirements and how the sponsors benefit through funding your event.

How to Make Proposals for Sponsors?

An ideal proposal will include exactly what your company is all about and how this event will benefit your potential sponsors. You have to present a proposal that urges the sponsors to sponsor your event with no doubt. 

Still confused? 

It is basically a sum up of: 

  • What your company is?
  • How do you plan to create a successful event?
  • How will the sponsors benefit from sponsoring your event?

What is the Format of the Proposal for Sponsorship of an Event?

Try to keep your sponsorship proposal for events clear and informative, written in an engaging tone. Don’t go into too much detail. Frame your information, keeping in mind you are writing this for the sponsors. So, make sure to include relevant information as much as possible. 

For instance, you don’t need to tell everything about your company in the introduction; only provide information that you think is relevant for the sponsor to know. 

  • Introduction Of Your Company
  • Plan for The Event
  • Potential Audience 
  • What is in it for the Sponsors (Benefits)
  • Sponsorship Tiers  
  • Successful Event History (If any)

Best Software to Make Sponsorship Proposals for Events

There is ample software in the market to design a proposal with. However, only some of them possess the capabilities of a quick and adaptive user interface. You can try x.doc 15 days free trial to get started with your sponsorship for events proposal. Not only that, x.doc allows you access to free business proposal templates for your dynamic proposal needs as well.

Catering Services and Quote


Event planners generally make event sponsorship tiers to divide their sponsors effectively based on the amount they have sponsored. Sponsorship tiers are commonly divided among the gold, silver, and bronze categories. A sponsor gets visibility of their brand in front of the audience as per their tier. The gold tier gets the highest visibility, whereas bronze receives the least.

The sponsors in an event can be distinguished by the event sponsorship package the event planner puts them in. Sponsors that provide more considerable funds are given better visibility of their brand in front of the audience at the event.

You should get sponsors for your event as it can prove to be beneficial for your event. Having sponsors provides better funds, resources, and public interest in your event. Thus, having sponsors for your event is quite important to conduct a successful event.

There are simply four kinds of sponsorship for events. Financial sponsors are the main kind of sponsors that provide cash funds to publicize their brand in your event. In-kind sponsors will provide you with a specific key requirement for your event, such as the venue, prizes for distribution, or food in return for branding. As the name suggests, media sponsors will cover your event for the public on platforms such as news or social media for branding in return. Promotional sponsors have a large public following, so they make sure that your event reaches each of their followers.

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