XTEN-AV and Xilica collaborate to automate AV Designs

XTEN-AV and Xilica collaborate to automate AV Designs

XTEN-AV partners with Xilica to streamline  product information on the platform.

California, February 24th, 2020: XTEN-AV announced the commencement of its partnership with Xilica, a leading manufacturer of digital signal processing and control solutions, to strengthen its platform library of manufacturer products and technologies.

With a focus on automation & seamless information flow on the platform, this collaboration with Xilica empowers XTEN-AV to leeway the brand’s supremacy over DSPs and other products. We look forward to empowering our users to achieve excellent client success ratios and minimize bid creation times, in collaboration with Xilica.

“This is an exciting alliance for us and will help us strengthen our automation efficacies. At XTEN-AV, we pride ourselves at providing our users with the most accurate and streamlined data, ensuring design & document generation at the click-of-a-button according to their requirements. This collaboration enables us to leverage Xilica’s comprehensive product lists and provide a quick & seamless experience to our users,” said Vibhav Singh & Sahil Dhingra, Co-Founders, XTEN-AV. “With incessant feedback and subsequent enhancements, we have managed to bring higher efficiency to the industry, as purported by multiple manufacturers. This further validates our stance that capable software will bring tangible changes in the AV space.”

“We’re delighted to partner with XTEN-AV and their future-thinking CRM and design automation product to provide our dealers with an even easier way to include Xilica in their projects,” commented Joe Orlando, Product Manager, Xilica. “With easy access to our product specifications right inside the software, and step-by-step model selection filters, we’re confident that XTEN-AV will help recommend the optimum Solaro Series DSP, with the appropriate control and command solution for any application.”


XTEN-AV’s cloud-based platform ascertains the needs of the project, recommends the best products, and creates automated wiring diagrams, bill of materials and end-customer proposals within minutes, thereby increasing productivity tenfold. The built-in CRM and Analytical dashboard help integrators to be on top of their projects and accounts. XTEN-AV strives to enable AV integrators to move away from the legacy methods of project design.

About Xilica 

Xilica® is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative, next-generation digital signal processing solutions for AV control and command applications including conference, corporate, hospitality and leisure, retail and transportation. From its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Xilica sells and supports products worldwide in over 75 countries, gaining rapid acknowledgement for its all-modular, ultra-small-format and high-performance product ranges that solve critical business challenges.


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