XTEN-AV Blog #6: Defining good user support in the AV industry: From customer retention to satisfaction

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“Every customer should feel like they’re involved in a one-to-one conversation with a business”

The success of your product/service no longer depends on the excellence of the technology offered by you. Well-rounded and aware customers are, now, looking for packaged experiences when searching for solutions on the internet or otherwise.

A good offering is someone that provides exhaustive user support and takes it to the level of customer service.

Identifying your customer support strategy

Setting up a yielding customer support strategy is more than a few emails, a chatbot, and a team of people assigned to respond to user queries. The entire support workflow should be relatable to the user segment frequenting your software and establish a conversation, making the user feel connected to their goals on the software.

User support is the newest attribute to setting up your brand distinction and appeal.

Selecting the right customer service tools

While a conventional set of tools lure you with organised, pre-defined support for your users, it is important to understand the inclination of your users. Customers need to be elevated from being ticket numbers and being dealt with pre-set protocols. Every customer should feel like they’ve sighted a one-on-one conversation with the platform with their query.

Choose from chatbots, email support, telephonic support to more independent FAQs and knowledge bases, best suitable to your SaaS product and its utility. Just be persistent with the fact that you’re setting up a communication channel for your users and not just a query resolution.

Utilizing the selected tools to offer the best user support

Building a good relationship with your userbase
– Telephonic Support

– Email Support

– Chat Support

While it could be tempting to hire entry-level professionals to take care of your support, it is important to realize that they are the first points of contact with your customers. They receive the information quoting the users’ needs and wants directly. Building a cross-functional communication bridge amongst the users, support and the organization is the first step, and an integral one, to creating a brilliant customer support framework.

Augment the documented information about your software

–Knowledge Base
Documentation of the knowledge about your software is an investment that compounds multi-fold as your userbase grows. A well-articulated knowledge base, not only encourages users to independently resolve their queries but also reduces your ticket numbers. These documented support tools are also beneficial to your employees for reference and a clearer understanding of the product.

Tools like FAQs and knowledge bases reiterate the point of creating a ‘self-service’ for the users to answer their questions and hence, master your software.

Make support easily accessible
If done right, customer support proves to be the foremost at driving customer retention. To achieve this, it is important to encourage your users to ask questions and gain clarification of your product offering.

Chat support, email support, FAQs, and Knowledge base develop an easy and quick format of support tools that inspire users to seek guidance. An easy-to-locate chat window, clearly visible Knowledge base and pathways offering escalated support, like on the XTEN-AV homepage, could create brilliant opportunities that bolster your user retention as well as growth.

Benefits of using the XTEN-AV KnowledgeBase:

Here is a quick overview of how an organized usage of the KnowledgeBase can enhance your experience on XTEN-AV:

Efficiency in Project completion
Faster & better task execution
Enhanced collaboration
Expanding technical knowledge
Maximum benefits are drawn from the software
Utilizing all tools available at your disposal along with the full potential of your support team shall gear you up to offer unique experiences to your users, as per their unique needs. Well-trained support staff, articulated and easy to find information, self-service options can build the foundation for an advanced user support framework.

Additionally, creating a conducive environment that encourages one-on-one conversations, followed by satisfactory resolutions of user queries, can thrust you to success like never before!

With the overwhelmingly positive response from the AV community about what the platform offers to AV firms, we are on the path to engaging the industry in every aspect.

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Vibhav Singh
Vibhav Singh
Vibhav has been in the Professional AV business for over a decade and has worked for leading global manufacturers such as Harman, Biamp and Music Tribe. After spending years in the industry and witnessing a minimal role of software in a hardware- dominated industry, Vibhav seeded the idea of a software platform that would reduce manual effort and exponentially increase productivity by utilizing the latest technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Having worked in multinational and multidimensional environments Vibhav has an all-round experience in Management, Technology and Sales. Vibhav holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and also a CTS certification from AVIXA. He is an avid traveler, a fitness enthusiast and our resident audiophile.

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