How To Write a Cleaning Proposal [Free Template]

How to Write a Winning Cleaning Proposal: Easy Tips for Success

Cleaning Proposal

A cleaning proposal is the best way to present yourself better than others in the janitorial industry. In this field, many companies compete on prices, often sacrificing quality. They make big promises but fail to deliver on the quality of their work. If your work is impressive and your team is hardworking, you must work on your cleaning proposal. The perfect written cleaning proposal will make your work easy and allow you to grab the deal. Winning the contract starts with your proposal.

Using our cleaning proposal template will be the best choice you ever make. Many janitorial businesses couldn’t take full advantage of this tool. It helps to track all details in one place, reducing the pressure and saving time. Knowledge will always be a part of your success, and the first step is to be attractive before reaching the clients. Here, you can explore everything about cleaning proposals. Check out this blog to get detailed insight.

Key Takeaways

  • Cleaning proposals will help you to present your details to the client more professionally and attract attention. 
  • The major mistake you are making while writing a cleaning proposal. 
  • The proposal tips will enhance the visibility of your deals. 
  • You have to avoid mistakes with do’s and don’t help. 
  • Unlock the experience with the Free cleaning proposal template on XTEN-AV.

Major Imperative Components Of Cleaning Proposal

Your presentation plays a vital role in the cleaning proposal. Components will help to get the deal faster. Here are some of the major components you need to include in your cleaning proposal: 

  • A visually appealing cover featuring your company’s name, contact details, and the recipient’s name.  
  • A cover letter expressing your interest in the project and establishing rapport with the recipient.
  • A comprehensive company overview highlighting your qualifications and the unique value your company offers tailored to the customer’s needs.
  • Detailed descriptions of the services you intend to provide.
  • Clear price quotes for the listed services.
  • Terms and conditions outlining the proposed payment schedule, cancellation policy, rights, obligations, and other relevant agreements.

Why struggle with manually creating all your proposals? Close your deals 10X faster. Check out our Cleaning proposal template. This pre-designed template has everything right at your fingertips.

6 Essential Dos and Don'ts for Writing a Cleaning Proposal

When you write a cleaning proposal, your expectations are huge, but your presentation is not attractive to the client. Major mistakes will decrease the chances of getting the deal. Read these six Dos and Don’ts for Winning a Cleaning Proposal, which will help you improve your previous mistakes.

Don't: Focus too much on cleaning.

Whenever you send a commercial cleaning proposal, your prospective client already knows you have the right supplies and how to clean correctly. Most customers are not especially interested in the details of commercial cleaning contracts.

However, utilize your business proposal document to highlight what makes your organization different and why your team is suitable for this position. Instead of focusing on specific cleaning jobs such as carpet or window cleaning, promote your strengths and the value you provide. It is about demonstrating why your organization stands out and getting the prospect thrilled to collaborate with you.

Don't: Making It Too Much About Yourself

Avoid making it too much about your company when writing a cleaning proposal. Excessive focus on your achievements, projects, and services can make the client lose interest. Bragging about how excellent your services come off as arrogant and self-centered. Instead, prioritize the client’s needs and how you can meet them. Keep descriptions of your services concise and relevant. The proposal should demonstrate how to help the client, not just highlight your past successes. Maintaining a client-centered approach will keep their interest and effectively showcase your value.

Don't: Not Highlighting Value Over Price

A common mistake in cleaning proposals is focusing solely on pricing rather than the value you offer. Even if competitors pitch to the same clients, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) sets you apart. Highlight what makes your cleaning services different and better. Emphasize your value, such as creating a healthier environment or improving the building’s appearance. Include success stories of satisfied clients to build credibility before discussing pricing. This more convincing approach shows that your services are worth the investment.

Now that we have the don’t out of the way, here are six things your company must do to stay ahead of the competition.

Do: Communicate Why You Do What You Do

Business owners should underline their business’s purpose. Simon Sinek’s idea of starting with “why” highlights this. If you cannot listen, here is a quick summary of his 25-minute talk. 

Understanding the Layers of Communication

What You Do: 

Most businesses can easily explain what they do.

Example: “Janitorial services in Baltimore.”

How You Do It:

Some businesses go a step further and describe how they perform their services.

Example: “We provide quality cleaning services with over 20 years of experience.”

Why You Do It:

Very few businesses communicate their core purpose or the reason they exist.

Example: “Aim to help clients feel clean, safe, and secure in their spaces.”

Sinek displays this principle with “The Golden Circle,” which begins with why, discusses how, and details what you do. This technique develops a stronger connection with your target audience while choosing your company from the competition.

Do: Convey our services will impact their organization

When selling your cleaning services to businesses, remember a real person is deciding to hire you and pay for what you offer. Think about how your services can benefit their organization or life. For instance, a clean, germ-free environment can boost team morale, reduce sick days, or help small businesses impress clients.

Cleanliness is crucial, especially now. A clean space is vital for a company’s reputation and safety. When pitching your services, focus on the actual impact they can have. Paint a clear picture for your potential client of how your services will make a difference.

Do: Follow Up

Your potential clients are considering proposals from different cleaning companies. Make sure your proposal grabs the client’s attention. Sometimes, they are busy with other competitors and don’t have the time to review your proposal. A gentle reminder can be beneficial. In the significant case, sending a well-timed reminder keeps your proposal focused and extends the chances of closing the deal. Cleaning proposals with automatic reminders are more effective at succeeding than those without reminders. 

However, determining the right time to send the reminder can be challenging. However, With XTEN-AV, you can track your proposals in real time.

Do: communicate the next steps

Remember to communicate the next steps. It is more about setting a positive tone for your new client-contractor relationship than pushing for a sale. One key aspect is how and when you’ll handle payments to avoid surprises.

Here’s a tip: it’s wise to bill at the beginning of the month rather than the end, especially if you’re starting. Customers often take a few weeks to pay, so billing at the start ensures you have the funds to pay your cleaners for their work.

Do: For better advantages, use proposal software

Using proposal management software can be your most significant point in winning cleaning contracts. It will give you complete control and insight throughout the proposal process. From start to finish, it was equipped with all the tools you need to send proposals more efficiently.  A proposal for cleaning services will present your specific details, which will encourage your skills and show your experience.

Do: use a digital signature

Digital signatures will make your work easier and faster, saving time and money. Remember to utilize eSignatures. With virtual offices and remote meetings becoming common, it’s no surprise that over 97% of documents are sent virtually. Even without the pandemic, handling paper documents can be a big obstacle. Now’s a great time if you haven’t already started using eSignatures.

What Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Cleaning Proposal?

It doesn’t matter how often you write a cleaning proposal; mistakes are always possible if you do it manually. Mistakes can increase your chances of losing the deal. Your step decides the path to winning the project. Learning from your mistakes will enhance your market goodwill and give you more opportunities in janitorial services. 

Clients will see your proposal and how your information about your organization is written in a connected way. The cleaning proposal is vital to your deal, so find the mistakes and resolve them. Remember, in this world, nothing is more important in business than excellent customer service and building relationships. Check the points below on common mistakes that can lower your proposal value.

Lack of Personalization

Your personal touch is mandatory, by using a pre-designed cleaning proposal template. Address the word to the right person, providing accurate information from your talks and focusing on services that are relevant to them. Personalization shows that you value the client and improves customer service and relationship-building.

Being Too Vague

When preparing a cleaning proposal, it is crucial to include specific services, accurate estimates, and other relevant details. Cleaning professionals often make this mistake, as customers may not know all the details. It shows the customer that you’re thorough and have given nuanced thought to the services you can provide to help them and solve their problem. By preparing cleaning business proposals, you can create your own strategy to win the deal.

No References

A complete proposal letter should include a quality assurance procedure and genuine reviews from satisfied customers. These provide clients with peace of mind about hiring your company. Work with your team to make a plan for doing quality checks internally so everything you do turns out great every time. When gathering references, start by reaching out to your longtime happy clients. Additionally, seek references from businesses similar to the one you’re submitting a cleaning bid proposal for to ensure relevance. Most happy customers will gladly provide a referral. It will help you demonstrate that demonstrable accountability and past excellence are essential for positively impacting your client.

Cleaning Proposal Tips To Enhance Your Success in The Janitorial Industry

A janitorial services proposal is a sales document to persuade potential clients to hire you. To achieve this, you must convince them you can meet their needs. Here are four tips to help you write a proposal that builds trust.

  1. Express Your Dedication

You have to clearly explain the customer expectation when they choose your business cleaning service. For this, you have to share the detailed plan to follow and keep customers happy with your organization. 

  1. Highlight Your Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Your cleaning work proposal highlights unique selling points (USPs). Explain how your business procedures satisfy customers, and discuss any innovative approaches or new technologies you utilize to assure high-quality service.

  1. Share Client Testimonials

Many successful cleaning service proposals include social proof, which shows others’ opinions or actions to influence behavior. It includes case studies, reviews, ratings, endorsements, and testimonials. These elements help you show your business’s strengths and value.

  1. Articulate Your Next Steps

The proposal should focus on maintaining a positive relationship with clients, not only making a sale. In this key point clarify is how  and when you will ask for payments, ensuring there are no misunderstandings or delays.

Which is the perfect software to win cleaning proposals?

The requirement in the cleaning proposal is to make your presentation attractive. You must provide detailed information about your company that shows your potential in front of a client. Many tools are available, but our software has exciting features that enhance your cleaning proposal. If you are looking for the perfect cleaning proposal software for a better experience and closing your deals faster, look no further than x.doc. Our software is designed to simplify the proposal process for cleaning services. 

With x.doc, you can build captivating proposals that stand out from others. Here, you can take advantage of our free cleaning proposal template. From creating catchy visuals to managing the total proposal production, x.doc has you covered. Say goodbye to the stress and 10X your chances of closing deals.

100+ Free Proposal Templates

Free Cleaning Proposal Template by XTEN-AV

Introducing the Free Cleaning Proposal Template by XTEN-AV, the go-to destination for all your professional cleaning service proposals. With our exclusive template, you can access captivating designs that impress your clients. But that’s not all – paired with our cutting-edge software, x.doc, crafting professional and visually stunning proposals has never been easier. From start to finish, x.doc empowers you to create proposals that wow your clients and accelerate the deal-closing process. It will reduce your hassle power and help you win more cleaning contracts with XTEN-AV’s Free Cleaning Proposal Template and x.doc software.


In the competitive janitorial industry, standing out is crucial to winning deals. The perfect cleaning proposal is key to impressing your clients and securing contracts. However, choosing the right one can be overwhelming with many software options.

That’s where x.doc comes in. Highlighting your hardworking team members and years of experience can significantly enhance your reputation – but only if communicated correctly in your proposal. With x.doc, you gain access to a suite of features designed to streamline your proposal creation, making it faster and more efficient. It will help you look professional and powerfully impact your client.


To create a compelling cleaning business proposal, focus on these critical elements:

  • Scope of Work: List the specific cleaning tasks you will perform, such as dusting, mopping, and disinfecting.
  • Cleaning Schedule: Detail the frequency and timings of the cleaning tasks, ensuring they align with the client’s needs.
  • Pricing Structure: Provide transparent pricing, including hourly or task-based rates and a total cost estimate.
  • Client Benefits: Highlight the health, safety, and appearance benefits of your services, such as boosting morale, reducing sick days, and improving the company’s image.

This approach ensures your proposal is clear, professional, and client-focused.

To develop a business proposal, you must begin with a title page, create a table of contents, define your why in a summary, specify the need or problem, give a solution, set up your qualifications, include a price calculation, and explain your terms and conditions.

A cleaning proposal is a critical component of marketing your cleaning services. Potential consumers interested in your services will request a proposal and compare it to those from other companies to evaluate who is the most incredible fit for the task.

In most circumstances, you will draft a proposal after consulting with the customer to determine their desired services and budget. Also, it enables you to present your services in a way that meets their requirements. The perfect written proposal defines your professionalism and may help you secure new business.

Construction cleaning proposals are designed to clean construction sites, whether at the end of a project or in between stages of work. The proposal form has a unique scope of work than other cleaning types and could include, for example, toxic waste disposal as part of the cleanup process. The details in other proposal sections will vary slightly, but the sections should be the same.

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