Top Meeting Room Audio Visual Design Tips by AV Experts

The 5 Most Essential Meeting Room Audio Visual Design Tips For You

Meeting Room Audio Visual Design Tips

Are you thinking about setting up your audiovisual meeting room? A meeting space is one of the most essential requirements for an office. Therefore, designing it with the right consideration is important to ensure optimum productivity and comfort for the employees or clients. Many important strategies and deals are implemented in such meeting rooms. Hence, it is advisable to take into consideration some valuable tips while designing your audio visual meeting room. This article will explain the important meeting room audio visual design tips that ensure minimal mistakes and save you valuable time and money.

Key Takeaways

  • This article will explain the essential meeting room audio visual design tips for setup, lighting, AV services, etc. 
  • You will understand the relevance of correct space utilization and investing in high-quality AV equipment. 
  • This article will also give you trivia about an efficient and accurate AV design automation software, X-DRAW.

What are the Essential Meeting Room Audio Visual Design Tips?

Audio Visual meeting room design is quite a complex task that requires professional help and consideration at all steps. However, there are some essential tips you should keep in mind for better results. 

Essential meeting room audio video design tips: 

  • Consider an Acoustic Setup
  • Choose Lighting with Minimal Glare  
  • Buy Necessary High-Quality AV Equipment 
  • Utilize the Room Space Efficiently 
  • Choose an Experienced AV Services Company

Consider an Acoustic Setup

The foremost meeting room audio visual design tips suggest that you should never ignore having an acoustic setup. This means the meeting room should have zero access to outer sound. The people in the meeting room must experience clarity in hearing each other with no deaf points at any corner of the room. For this, you should consider soundproofing the meeting room. In terms of AV equipment, consider having good-quality mics and speaker installations. 

You can also opt for efficient sound setups such as DOLBY sound systems for efficient presentations and mini conferences. One essential thing to always consider is the placement of speakers for optimum sound distribution throughout the meeting room. 

With X-DRAW, you can quickly find the ideal speaker setup placement for your meeting room size in minutes. All you need to do is fill in the room dimensions and number of speakers. In a few minutes, you will have a preferred layout automated for you.

Choose Lighting with Minimal Glare

Lighting setups with glare can impact productivity and hinder the purpose of the meeting room. It is advisable to plan lighting setups that produce minimal glare. No light should directly reflect in the eyes of people in the meeting room at any place. This can create irritation and also affect people’s thinking process. Similarly, such glares can also affect the visuals displayed on the screen. Exposing your eyes to glare for longer periods can cause eye strain and headaches. 

Therefore, you should opt for experienced professional lighting setup services that ensure minimal glare in the meeting room. You should choose warm lighting options. It is an added advantage if you have large windows that welcome natural light in the meeting room. Such a serene view can relax the whole atmosphere of the meeting space.

Buy Necessary High-Quality AV Equipment

Meeting room audio visual design tips suggest that audio visual equipment quality should not be compromised for your meeting rooms. You should buy the audio visual devices that suit your purpose from the meeting space. Do not buy any unnecessary equipment. 

For instance, many meeting rooms have too many video walls to create a brand identity. However, video walls are convenient if you regularly hold conferences. But if your main purpose is just the daily meetings with clients or among employees, video walls are just a waste of money and space. Therefore, you should buy only those high-quality meeting room AV solutions that are necessary for you, such as: 

  • Display Screens or Projectors 
  • Microphones 
  • Speakers 
  • Cameras
  • AV Console Systems 
  • BYOD Adaptive Consoles 
  • Cables and Connectors

Utilize the Room Space Efficiently

As per the meeting room audio video design tips, you should analyze the available space in your meeting room effectively. This will help you to determine the right utilization of the given space. This analysis will help you to determine: 

  • The maximum number of people in the conference room at once. 
  • The right size and shape of the furniture to fit the room dynamics. 
  • Ideal wall side for the placement of the main display screen. 
  • Placement and ideal size of the AV equipment suitable for efficiency and minimum cluttering of cables and connectors.

Choose an Experienced AV Services Company

Having an experienced AV services company for your meeting room AV installation is always an advantage. Their valuable tips and expertise in meeting room design will ensure there is no room for error and no extra investment. This is why you should hire a company with good experience in AV installations. 

An experienced AV services company can give you the best advice for the overall design of your meeting room and suggest the correct requirements and specifications for AV equipment.

Which meeting room AV design software is best for you?

You should choose a software that saves you time and creates accurate and efficient audio visual drawings for you in no time. 

X-DRAW is among the leading software for creating AV designs. It lets you automate and create:

  • Line schematic diagrams. 
  • Cable and labeling layout 
  • Floor plan diagrams 

And other meeting room layouts that are required at the time of installation for the meeting room. 

This meeting room av design software works on the cloud, meaning your data is forever secure. This audio visual drawing software is a one-stop solution for all your creation and drawing needs. It automates every process from creation to sales.  

You can check X-DRAW’s capabilities by using its 15-day free trial period, which can be further extended for another 15 days.

AV Design Mastery + Winning Proposals = 10x Productivity!


This article has provided relevant meeting room audio visual design tips that will help you throughout the process. Above all, you should make changes according to your needs. These tips are to help you throughout the process. But do not take them as mandatory guidelines for designing your meeting room. These tips are effective and have proven to increase utility, productivity, and collaboration in the meeting space. 

Also, to understand the dynamics better, you may look at our article on things to consider for your meeting room AV system design.


For a meeting room, you should choose furniture that is ideal for the given space. A glass table is the most common choice, along with sofas and chairs that are comfortable for prolonged hours.

To make your meeting room look professional, focus on placing the equipment or aesthetic materials so there is no space cluttering. Do not go extra in terms of creating an aesthetic appeal. Ensuring a clean and organized look is quite professional.

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Vibhav Singh
Vibhav Singh
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